Groom in Tweed

I need help!

We are getting married in an amazing barn in Worcestershire and I really want my groom to go all countryside in tweed.

We are looking to hire suits but I can't find anything suitable? 


  • HannahEWHannahEW Posts: 171

    We're doing the same - my h2b is getting his made by Peckham Rye, but I know Hackett has some gorgeous tweed stuff. Worth seeing whether they'll hire?

  • Vicky10Vicky10 Posts: 2

    Thanks for the suggestion, I've had a look at their website and I can't see anything about hiring image

    I'll keep looking image

  • We hosted a wedding last weekend and all the grooms men wore pale blue shirts with braces and tweed jackets.

    They looked great!

  • Jenny 8Jenny 8 Posts: 34

    You are getting married in barn style, and tweed is a good idea. It will give a countryside touch, and fits with the theme.

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