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Ben and I have been together 6 years. In 8 months he will make me his life and I will finally be able to call him my beloved husband. He has always treated me to into miles snugs, looked after me when I am poorly and surprised me with perfectly chosen gifts. 

As our wedding approaches, how do I decide what to give him to thank him for everything he has done for me and for making me his deliriously happy wife? He love love lIves watches so I'd like to buy a timeless classic (no pun intended!) timepiece which is one he will treasure but is also wearable? 

Also if I invest in an expensive designer, is it acceptable to have it engraved or is that to cheesy?

What did you gift your groom? 

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  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    I've got my h2b a Tag Heure watch after looking at a few different options.  he's always gone on about getting a nice watch but doesn't want to spend the money.  I decided against getting it engraved but that was entirely my personal choice. X

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    I was going to use this company that takes a photo of the sunrise on your wedding day and get it framed (post wedding) but have opted instead for a make up and hair session then lingerie photoshoot, the print of which is framed in time to gift your groom on the morning of your wedding. I can't wait image My fiance isn't a watch kinda guy or would have brought him an investment time piece and definitely would have got engraved.

  • Im giving my fiance the stars.. that sounds soo cheesy haha, im getting 'lovers stars' named after us with our married name, we both love space and stuff like that so i thought it would be nice image

    Oh he's also a big superman fan so im giving him some superman socks in a little tin with a note saying ' incase you get cold feet' again its abit cheesy but i dont care lol

  • I'm struggling on what to get my H2B.  I know he is getting me a bracelet as we picked one out yesterday so I'd like to get him something too.  I got him a watch a few years ago so there's no point me doing that (but an engraved watch is a lovely idea Aimee).

    Ahhh it's so difficult!  Danielle I can't even get him Superman socks as I got him some for his birthday last year haha.  Even posted it through the door with a note saying it was from the man himself image

  • Aww how sweet Victoria25 lol.. Im sure you'll think of something, you know him best after all! image

  • I am going to give a cross-stitch which stitching two people in love with wedding dresses!I will stitch it myself and the husband I have done,it will cost another 8 months to get all them done I think!I am full of happiness and I think he will like it!

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 584 New bride

    Awww Danielle13 the star gift sounds so lovely image I like the sock idea too might have to do that as well x

  • Hi everyone.  I actually started an online store that sells groom and groomsmen gifts.  I basically found that trying to find awesome and unique groomsmen gifts was really difficult during my wedding planning this past year.  The site - - has a lot of unique items that he might enjoy - shaving kits, customized cufflinks/tie bars, etc.  Check it out and let me know what you think image

    Happy gift hunting,



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