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Am I allowed to see his suit?

It's not that I don't trust my H2B's taste but....I'm quite fussy about getting everything 100% for him and the ushers- we're having morning suits and I'd kind of like to be sure he's picking the right style and a decent waistcoat and tie- am I allowed to be involved or do I have to butt out at this point?!


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  • I dragged H2B into the local Moss Bros and pointed out appropriate coloured waistcoats so he could then choose by himself. However with a change of colour scheme we had to change other things and I saw his choice at that stage as it would have been too conplicated to get the groomsmen to travel again to get their opinion.
  • I went with my h2b to choose his suit with his 3 best men, they all moaned but i don't care it isn't their day! Also i'm glad i did as h2b would have spent over £1000 on 5 day hire for 4 of them, really silly and they didn't even fit them so we went and bought him a beautiful bespoke suit from Saville Row and he's over the moon. Expensive but at least he can wear it again and again. His other groomsmen are just wearing their own suits and we're gonna match them with ties and waistcoats. Unless your man is in the know about these things i would suggest you go with them!x
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    Oh cool, phew, I would much rather go with him or at least vetoe his choice and wanted to be able to tell him that this was the done thing- you've all given me that evidence now, thanks!!!!
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    I went with husband and his parents to choose his suit (his mum wanted to be involved in this part so we humoured her) but I went for getting it to suit with my dress and the bridesmaids dresses and the style fo the day - He didn't expect anything else though so it wasn't a problem - he knew the colours of the bridesmaids so could have done it without me I suppose but it wasn't an issue!
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    I went with my H2b to choose his! Its not that i dont trust him but im a bit of a "monica" when it comes to colour co-ordination and wanted to get it "bang on"!!!!! I have a material swatch of bridesmaid colour (which H2b has seen - and really likes - phew!!!!!) so our menswear choice is a team effort, and can i just say - he tried on his outfit and he looked pretty mighty dam fine!!!!!!!
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    I went to "oversee" my man doing his bit and was quite pleasantly surprised. he went for what i had thought of but didn't dare contemplate him liking!!! Maybe we do think alike! I just had to give a pointer for the rouche tie colour and he was happy with that but feel a little gentle persuasion from us girls is needed to get the look right. Wouldn't want him in a kilt style if I had gone for a moulin rouge styled dress!!!
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    My h2b has decided to wear his no. 1 uniform on the day instead of a morning suit, so I know full well what he will be wearing! He even went as far as to insist that he couldnt have a red rose button hole as it wouldnt go with the grey/blue colour of his uniform! He insisted on having an ivory button hole which matches much better! My only worry is that I will keep getting stabbed in the arm by all his medals! For those of you old enough to remember, he is getting to be a a bit like Kenny Everetts American General with a long string of medals attached to his chest!
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    i did the same as danielle, it worked out good because i have this pic in my head and cant decripe what i want him to wear! good thing is he was very happy with what i wanted xxxx:\)
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    My H2B had very clear ideas about what he wanted to wear but also wanted my input. He tried on a few things in front of me and we decided what suited him. He arranged to see a tailor and I asked him if he wanted me there. He'd never dreamed of doing it without me so I know exectly what he's wearing as I helped him design it (he's having his custom

    made). There's no reason for his suit to be secret if he's happy with you knowing.
  • are you kidding!! You CHOOSE the suit. tell him it was a surprise prezzie. get his measurements while hes asleep.
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    My H2b was unsure if he wanted to go for a kilt or a suit - he and his brother (best man) went to look at both and he decided himself that he wanted a Kilt and ordered it. I've given him some gentle pointers on the colour of the cravat / tie (hes not decided)but on the whole hes been fine, well he still has to get a jacket made but he is more than happy for me to go with him for the fitting and to collect his kilt when he comes home so I dont think the superstitions there as it is with the brides outfit. As penguin says if hes happy for you to know then theres no problem. At least all of you can tie in the mens outfits - we have 3 different tartans as everyones wearing their own but they are all wearing the same jackets / ties etc
  • Too right Nicki. My H2B wanted blue tie etc but it would have clashed with my dress and my bridesmaids and pageboys so I told him exactly what he had to get.
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    I've been with H2b to meet the tailor who'll make it as H2B wasn't very clear at describing it and it'll put my mind at rest. He had prime choice on the style though, and will compliment my dress perfectly. I know H2b doesn't want me to see him in it before the day though. I don't think that's a particualr tradition, but when we ladies get so tied up in out own outfits, I think it's really nice that he will have that same feeling too.
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    i dont want to see my h2b's outfit before the day as i cant wait to see him looking gorgeous in his kilt image i think i want to be suprised and not know what he will look like just the way he wont know what i will look like. its nice for the guys to have that little something we havent arranged or played some part in sorting out. bless all the h2b's out there that just want something of their own!! image
  • My h2b got an almost finished dinner suit in the Jan sales in London so he could have it slightly altered to fit him a treat. We spent hours trawling shops to get something just right and I was sooooo tired by the end of it. I took less time to choose my dress!

    Sadly afterwards we found a great service run by Addison & Steele who know what they are doing and could have made him a whole suit for cheaper than what we bought plus alterations. Ah well, you live and learn!
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    I went with H2B to pick his suit, he picked the outfit but we both picked the colour theme, which ended up being dark purple, as it was the only coloured that suited his outfit.

    And if i do say so myself he looked damm sexy in it.
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    I would not trust my H2B as would turn up in his Chelsea Shirt!!!
  • How cool is this, check out my picture of me & SFG in our very own Pop-Art, this is definitely my Avatar!

    On the subject in hand, as long as he's not likely to turn up dressed as coco the clown, a suit is a suit, some just cost more, and I bet you wouldn't be with him if he couldn't dress himself normally! Or maybe you do dress him normally, then worry ALOT!!

    Have fun .COM

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    Oh yes, me and SFG in Pop Art Heaven.

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