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Hey there,

Im hoping y'all can help me im at a loose end trying to think of a present to get my h2b for our wedding to give to him that morning. Im getting a fob watch engraved, but i would love to get something like a telegram from Celtic FC wishing us well or something like that (although its more for him!!)

Im such a brilliant w2b that i have changed my wedding date 3 times in case they are playing in the final match of the season etc etc but we he had to settle on 24th may next year, (which i thought was fair as celtic has always come first with him!!!) Any ideas would be truly grateful, hope there is someone out there willing to help a damsel in distress

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  • Hi!!

    My other half is celtic mad too. I asked him what you could do and he suggested getting his name engraved on a brick at Parkhead stadium. Its there for the lifetime of the stadium and you get a certificate to say so. His brother got one as a present so I could find out more for you if you want.
  • That would be great, god did it cost him loads, not that i would mind paying, i love him but not for hundreds if you get my meaning. Let me know what I have to do. Ta petal xxx
  • I have got a card from Celtic congratulating us on our wedding. I can email you the email address for the lady who arranged it for us, I don't want to post it on here though. I have already got h2b 4 presents, but it looks like he is getting a brick now as well thanks!
  • Cate, could you possibly email me her email address as well? Have written to Celtic but heard nothing yet, my h2b is an obsessed fan too.

    If you don't mind me asking, what does the card look like and how long did it take to arrive?

    Thank you!!! xx
  • Hi Cate & Mrs McG2b - this is a great idea. Can you also send me the email address as I know he would love this as he's Celtic mad too. I'm getting married in 3 weeks (29/9/07). Are you having the card read out at the speeches ?

    And where are you all from ?
  • Hi ladies, you need to set your profile to be able to receive emails, and I will email it straight over! The card took about 2 weeks to arrive, I had it sent to my sisters as I was worried that it would come with a Celtic logo and he would open it, but it was in a plain envelope. It's a white card with a printed message inside saying:

    To Colin and Catherine

    Congratulations on your wedding day

    Best Wishes from everyone at Celtic Park

    I am not having speeches, so I will be giving it to him on the morning with his wedding presents. We are from Liverpool, I have no idea why he supports a team so far away! He is that mad, he want's to call any son of ours Larsson ONeill!!


  • Thanks Cate - should be fixed now, looking forward to receiving the email!

    We live in Edinburgh but h2b is originally from Glasgow, so I suppose it makes sense that he supports them. I feel your pain though...apparently I will be having baby Larsson one day too (we'll see about that!!) x
  • I have sent you an email MrsMcG2b. Larsson wouldn't be too bad, but Larsson ONeill!!He has even suggested it for a girl. Weirdo.
  • Just got your email...thank you so much. There's another thread somewhere on here specifically about messages from football clubs and loads of people have said they got nothing out of Celtic - I'm so glad to hear you succeeded!!
  • I read a bit of that thread, I didn't realise that people had had problems! Well, just goes to show that it can happen sometimes! Good luck with yours!
  • Hi Cate,

    Sorry I took so long to get back, I've allowed access to my email address now. Can you send me that email address of the lady that arranged it for you ?

    I'm from Glasgow too and sadly come 2nd to Celtic quite a lot of the time, he assures me this is not the case but I know it is ha ha. I might do the brick thing as well.

    thanks for all your help x
  • Hi ninacat, I just emailed you. what were you thinking of writing on the brick, I am struggling?
  • Hey cate that would be great if you could email the address, i went onto their website and email HR, dont think they would be best pleased. But ill give this a go!!!! My H2B and I are both from belfast in ireland and he has supported celtic all his life, and to agree with ninacat I toocome second to celtic though he is willing to admit it, but that will change when we are married as I will make sure Im wearing the trousers.

    If I am successful in getting one I would love to have it read out during the speeches, i am already having a card read out from the jewellers who hand made our wdding rings. God Im so excited now. Gona do the brick as well, hopefully he will know by this how much I have sacrificed to have the day of my dreams so he can love the football team of his dreams. thanks laydees love you all

  • Lisa83, you need to set up your profile to accept emails, or email me from the button at the bottom of my post! Aren't our h2bs lucky? I have got mine tickets to see WWE wrestling on our honeymoon as well. I hope he is as thoughtful!!
  • Hideho, i have updated my profile, should be ok now to send that through. God I used to love wrestling years ago, but I would really love to go to a boxing match maybe to see a fighter like calzaghe but dont think my H2b is that bright but we will see, he always books the boxing for me when a big night is coming up and bless him he watches it with me. Our H2b's are really lucky to have us!!!!
  • jemcoljemcol Posts: 1,162
    I know u cant exactly hand this to him on the day, but you could write it in a nice card etc, anyway i know my h2b keeps on going on about going ot one of the cities for the champion leagues - Celtic are playing in Milan / Lisbon / Ukraine.

    I would go for the milan one that way i get some shopping done!! but if you arrange the hotel flights, and time off his work?

    Oh I ve just got a hint hint form hsb sitting next to me, In the Sunday Mail there were advertising Tickets for the champions league in glasgow, u have to be a season ticket holder to buy, dont know if your h2b is but if u get his season number etc and get them for a suprise, bit cheaper than a weekend away too!!.

    Or a signed programe for a match he loved / special match on the year he was born etc is cool, sure i saw some on ebay once.

    Or if he hasnt already got in the house - but as he is obsessed im sure he does, get a subscription to Santanta for him.

    Sure whatever he gets he will love it

  • RESULT!!!! I got a reply from Karen at celtic and she has agreed to send a card congratualting us on our wedding day from all at celtic park or park head wherever it is (sorry to all the men but i dont follow footie that much). I was sooo thrilled to get the email. Already have setanta for him and all the sports channels, so if im not the best wife 2b in the world for getting him that and changing my wedding date 3times to suit him and Celtic (although they could be playing on our wedding day but he has to agree some time) then the card should say it all. thanks so much for all your replies you really are a girls best friend on here xxxx
  • jemcoljemcol Posts: 1,162
    yeh lisa well done, Im sure your hsb will be well chuffed, cant believe though u changed your date 3 times due to footie, that is crazy mind you im sure you didnt want the anxious thoughts of him not turning up cause he was down the pub watching the match!!

    most of my h2b mates are rangers, although h2b is celtic, and it drives me crazy how much they wind each other up, esp on old firm game days, i go into hibernation!! too much for me too handle!!! Im sure they say the same about us and shoes!
  • Just received a letter from Celtic with a signed message from Gordon Strachan - think it's a photocopy though which is not great image

    That was from just writing to GS's office...have also emailed the woman who's address you gave me Cate, so may get something better!!

    Also received a cool letter from Man U, signed (properly) by Alex Ferguson. Hurrah! Now how do I keep it a secret until May???!
  • Ooh, your one sounds better, it's signed! I have kept mine in my desk at work so I am not tempted to tell him!
  • hi not sure if any of you are still using this site but could somebody send me a wee e-mail with the e-mail address so that I can arrange card for my h2b.

    Thank You!!!! xxx
  • I have emailed you thevicarscat

    Good Luck!
  • thanks so much cate this is exactly what i have been hunting for xxx
  • liz66ukliz66uk Posts: 964
    Get him a rangers season ticket! image

    Why not get him hospitality seats at CP? Or what to do is get over to Lennoxtown training centre and get the players to personally sign something, Some players will...

    Oh and whats with Men i need help, us women like footie to ya know image

    Although as you can tell i frequent the Govan side of Glasgow

  • Hiya i am hoping that someone is still looking at this page! My OH is mad about celtic he even sleeps in celtic shorts (sad but true)! He got out of the armed forces in Oct 07 and was known to drive from aldershot (hampshire) to glasgow to whatch a match! We now live in the west midlands (were im from) and i want to get something realli special for my OH from celtic or summat todo with celtic (hes getting a chocolate brown bag full of goodies (over ordered favour bags!) Anyway got a few things but nothing from celtic or todo with celtic. I was woundering if you still have that Email address to see if i too can be lucky with requesting a card from parkhead (i think thats celtic ground!) I love the brick idea im going to get one of those that will realli make him smile lol! I was thinking summat like "wedding day and OHs name" whats do you think?
  • jemcoljemcol Posts: 1,162
    hey think ive emailed the wrong folk as i always got a cant do it email back from them, can u please send me the email address to ask the request to, would be so grateful.

    mind u had a bicker with h2b tonight so might email rangers instead heehehehehe

  • Hi all,

    This morning i got an email from Karen at celtic aksing me for our address to have the card to sent image success and i onli sent them email about 2 weeks ago, she did said they crnt do nefink autographed due to the volum of requests they have sent to them .. is there that many supports lol (sorry not from scotland and not a celtic supporter!!!!!)

    Anyways though i would let you all know!

  • KimmistarukKimmistaruk Posts: 140
    haha just in respons to the ladies being threatened with having to call their sons larsson, my son was christened declan michael larsson image

    i don't think he minds!


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