Help! I am getting married in the Carribbean in January and we are stumped over what the groom should wear. Has anyone any ideas out there? :\?


  • hi lady jane - i get married in barbados this december and h2b wants to wear a suit but were stumoed over what kind. light colours and materials like linen are recommended but h2b not really a linen kinda guy and he aggrees with me when i say cream / white / brown / beige suits are wrong for men (they remind me of geography teachers and gareth gates - need i say more???) weve looked at black suits on the net but material wise don't have a clue...what material is light and doesnt look cheap but not cost a fortune :\? also stumped about wearing a waistcoat cos its just another layer but hed look really good in one...and tie or no tie???

    ...and i thought 11 shops to get a wedding dress was a nightmare!!!
  • wrighti79wrighti79 Posts: 54 New bride
    Hey, glad its not just me. Most of the pictures I have looked at have the men in beige trousers / chinos and my fella just refuses to be seen in chinos so that is out of the question! What do you reckon to dark grey trousers, waistcoat and cravat/tie? Or will that be too heavy? Let me know how it goes for you too and in the meantime I will just keep searching.
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    We're marrying in Malta (or at least that's what we're planning when we finally get our preferred date confirmed by a Church with a suitable slot!) and my fianc???? has stated he'd like to wear a white cotton or linen suit. His intention was to hire this but it's possible to find them reasonably priced on E-Bay etc.... Still undecided whether to have the trousers with a tuxedo-type jacket, shirt & dicky tie or ordinary jacket shirt, dicky & fancy waistcoat! It'll be early April 2009 if we get our wish, so hopefully not insufferably hot at that time. Good luck with your wedding!
  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    If your going for smart trousers, shirt and waistcoat would be nice. But i think men can look just as nice in trousers and open collar shirt. If not linen, what about a linen/cotton mix or linen/silk mix will still be light but shouldn't get as creased. As for colour navy trousers with a light coloured shirt?
  • raspberry_kittyraspberry_kitty Posts: 1,765
    I agree with ang772 on the trousers and openshirt in a linen mix! Obv depends on how formal your dress is. A tie and waistcoat looks great but prob very hot!
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    Hi there girls, Im getting married in mexico June 2009, so it's going to be very hot.. My H2B has decided he wants light grey trouser with matching waistcoat, and then cravat with my theme colour Cerise/Fuschia. I know it' guna be hot, but what you don't want girls is us dressed up to the nines and the groom casual as anything. That's how I look at it. Saying that though I do like the linen, but I guess it's down to personal taste.. Happy planning
  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    He can always take off waistcoat and loosen shirt collar once photos are all done. I love when men undo top button and have bowtie undone at end of night. They somehow carry it off without looking scruffy.
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