Suits from Greenwoods / 1860

Hi, I just had to share with you how brill the service is. Staff were really helpful. Only cost £150 for two suits which included waistcoats and cravats.

You dont need to pay any deposits you just give them your credit card details as a bond, nothing is actually debited unless you dont return all items.

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    I can second that!! We had such a fantastic response from Greenwoods, spent ages in there chatting and going through the different choices. Our best men/ushers etc are scattered all over the country so have gone to stores local to them. Its great cos the stores just spoke to each other and sorted it all out - hassle free!! We had a deal where we paid for 5 suits and got the groom's free - cost about £400 for all 6 suits. Also we bought fob watches for all our men as gifts, only about £15 each - cheaper than a top hat and can be engraved!! The best bit is that my H2B is trying to gain weight for the wedding so the store have suggested he doesn't come in for his fitting till 4 weeks before the wedding to make sure it fits perfect! image
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    We're getting ours from here.

    Don't go for a fitting until May
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    i would also def recomend Greenswoods / 1860 suit hire. we're having 2 ushers, 2 fathers a best man and 2 junior ushers and have sorted with greemwoods that they can all get measured at different shops ranging from:

    best man - worksop, notts

    1 usher & 1 father - birkenhead

    1 usher - leeds

    groom and the others in our home town.

    greenwoods have been extremely helpful with it all
  • We got ours from Greenwoods too, 7 x Grey Prince Edwards, hardy waistcoats for £460 as the had a special 20% off day following a wedding fayre.
  • candy28ukcandy28uk Posts: 119
    And me! Got 6 slate suits with tails, £360 in total with the 20% discount, saved about £30 on each suit compared with the other hirewear outlets that shout about their £99 per suit deal like it's a bargain....!
  • kelly7243kelly7243 Posts: 450
    We are having greenwooods suits and the service from the altrincham branch has been second to none. Much better value than moss bros too as shirt also included- top quality too image xxx
  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    H2B is getting his suits from there too, great service up to now.
  • hi this sounds like exactly what im looking for is there a web address or store in manchester???
  • we're using the local greenwoods store too for ours - very reasonable prices.
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    Hi Annayates the website is They don't seem to have a store in Manchester city centre but they have one in Oldham, Bury, Altrincham or Stockport.

    We got a decent offer at Greenwoods too, 6 suites for £448 and the groom went free. So much better than Burtons where they tried to sell us shoes. Plus they were really helpful and we even got contacts for a DJ.
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    Also one in Bolton.

    Thanks for the advise I would never of thought looking here but after all the positive comments will certainly look. We got the dilema of being all over the country as well
  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250

    We went yesterday for a nosey of what is available. We were advised that most places costs are going up on the 1st April. We put a deposit down in Greenwoods as people can get fitted whereever is closest to them and we just pay for them all at our nearest store - means we get the groom goes free offer.

    As we put down the deposit we get the 07 prices! also if you are thinking of going for brown choose this now as their prices are going to match the cream cost. You can change to black, grey etc if you want.

    Thought it might help with keeping costs down
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    So far so good for us too!

    BUT.......Greenwoods called me this morning to ask our men to go in for their fittings sooner than originally booked (12th April) They have ordered the chocolate brown prince edward suit and apparently it is in real high demand so 'our' men our going for their fittings this weekend to get the suits ordered!

    We've paid just under £400 for 6 suits (5 adults 1 child) and that includes everything (waistcoat, cravat shirt, cufflinks, tie pin etc)

    They offer some good deals too. 20% off if having a certain number of suits or Get the Grooms suit free is another option! Well worth a visit.
  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    At least they warned you though! Only a couple of weeks early lol
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    sorry im late - but only just looked thru the 'For the Groom'...

    I saw Greenwoods at a wedding fare early in the year and wasn't till last week that we actually passed it so thought we'd pop in!!! The shop was fab - plenty of room and the staff were really friendly and happy to help!!! Maria the lady who helped us was great - we were all being realy cheeky with eacother and having a laugh! We told her what we wanted and she gave us all the choices and info re this! The lads dont need to go in till October - but she says if i tell her what I want she'll make sure nothing gets changed!!! Phew!!!

    So far so good - fingers crossed its this smooth all the way!!

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