Boudoir photography in South Wales

Hi Girls,

i really like the idea of the FYEO photography but its too expensive does anyone know of anywhere in South Wales that offers a similer product



  • capriewcapriew Posts: 72
    Hi these are based in crosshands if that helps
  • BubbukBubbuk Posts: 16

    I've just been looking for the same in South Wales and have come across these

    They seem very professional and are based in Bridgend. I'm now considering it!
  • sarah_jane77uksarah_jane77uk Posts: 1,421
    Hello Ladies

    I live in south wales and after looking at loads have now booked with mighty aphrodite based in Reading. It's not that far really and their website is really good. Also you seem to get loads for your money compared to others which are cheap to start with but then the extra prints are very expensive. Have booked mine for May 2nd.

  • I'm going to one tomorrow. He's in Sully (not sure where you are) and he's doing a few for £50 or an hour set for £100. I wanted to do one that came with a makeover but it was way too expensive so found a local private photographer!

    Two females based in Margam, near Porthcawl and Port Talbot
  • Female photographer with a studio in Bridgend
  • MrsRadcliffe1MrsRadcliffe1 Posts: 3,524
    Hello, I know im not supposed to advertise on here but you can see I am a bride but i am also a photographer, have recently done a boudoir shoot and am willing to travel.

    Please have a look at my blog, the more rauchy photos have not been posted due to the clients wishes image
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