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what can i get the men ?


i have recently recieved the telegram from football club which is great but i need a brilliant personal gift for h2b. i love the naked photoshoot but cannot afford it.

any help please ????????????????????

i need to be under £100 (sorry low budget, and well he's getting me on the day that shoudl be enough !)

he likes football, beer, games consoles well average bloke really. he like action movies and things like x men. he is a smoker and plays american football.

any ideas please ????

best man too and don't want the tradition cufflinks,tankard etc.

sorry picky !

Em x


  • Em

    Sounds obvious but perhaps a little boring but how about getting them a crate each of real ales (or their favourite tipple). I'm sure they'd appreciate it!
  • A paint balling or activity day??
  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
    thanks for the suggestions, the crate of drink may be nice for best man but want soemthing more for h2b.

    my h2b likes paintballing so maybe that. thanks for help.
  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    I'm doing mine for virtually nothing... a good picture of me, with a poem I shall write for him in a frame. Simple yet inexpensive. In the end its not about cost - but the meaning.

    I tossed around several ideas before that - including a welsh love spoon, but thought he'd rather I save the money for the honeymoon.

    Kathy x
  • Hi Em

    You got him the telegraph how aobut getting him a new shirt with his name and luckly number on it??

    i have done this for H2B aswell as tickets to the match (which will be in my garter) for the both of us to go to the match! I also have the wedding card signed by alan shearer and an autograph picture too

    gem x the cost i ahve paid out is for the shirt and tickets the rest was free of the club!
  • Hi Em

    Ive bought my h2b a signed freddie flintoff picture as he loves cricket - you can pick up something on ebay from his favourite sports personality or team he supports....

  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
    how are the signed pictures?

    Gemgem- how did you get your club to send picture?

    mishel- how can i check the authenticy of ebay ones?

    thanks for suggestions.
  • if he's a smoker how about an engraved zippo??
  • well, em

    i wrote an email to the club and explained our situation and that i wanted something special for him for his wedding day! And they offered me an personalised autograph which i have!! (woohoo)

    And then they sent an email back to me saying if i send in a card that they will get alan shearer to write it out and sign it! as long as i enclose a note to what i want to be written

    What club doe she support???

    gem xx
  • Hi Em

    i'm making him a scrap book/photo album. i've been putting it together since we got engaged. Pics of us two, then 'bits' from where the pic was taken, so if it was taken at a concert, then I've put the tickets on that page too. It takes a bit of time though!

    Paperchase sell really reasonable albums, mine was about £15, £20 for a large one.
  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    Hi All

    I need some help with this, need a gift would like something with a bit of romance, he's not a gadget man, he loves football, I today written to Notts Forest to see if they will send something but other than that I'm stuck, I bought him a watch not long ago and thats the only jewerly he'll wear.

    Any suggestions would be great.

  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    As anyone been on a wine tasting break in the uk before???

  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
    i love ths scrap book album idea, it seems really sweet. the only trouble is we sort of have already done that throughout our relationship. we started a box which i wrote on small cards, special memories to us, just simple things like a meal or even a joke that would cast up memories it was great fun to do and every so often we add to it. but its one of those things that lives in a bottom draw and hardly comeout.

    i did find in TK MAXx really nice cufflinks for wedding day in our wedding colour of apple green, designer ones for a tenner. so that and the letter from man u may just do. he is getting me after all............ !
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