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Gift for fishing mad H2B. Grooms out there please help

I'm looking for a gift for the groom and am completely stumped. he is a nightmare to buy for at the best of times - he always asks for vouchers or money as he likes to choose his own gifts. But i really want a nice surprise for our wedding day and get the Best man to give it to him on the morning of the wedding.

Any ideas? He has more fishing tackle already than he's ever going to use, doesn't support any particular footbal / rugby team and wouldn't thank me for spending a fortune on cufflinks or novelty gifts. (He's a sweetheart really and i feel bad for painting a negative picture here - he's just so bloody awkward!)

Any guys out there who are similar? What would you appreciate as a gift???


  • Hi!

    I too are getting married to a fishing mad H2B. So I have done is, as I am getting married abroad. I have organise a boat trip for him, his Father, bestman and my family.

    As I know that is what he would want.

    Or you can buy him some fishing tackle or even a new fishing rod and box. I know my H2B would love that more than getting married! hahahah!!!

    I was in the same situation as yourself, but I cam up with that idea.

    Are you sure we are not getting married to the same person??? (hahahaha!!)

    Take care

  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
    so we are all fishing widows, all ready !!!

    my h2b has fising tackle coming out his ears and i can't stand it. is there a membership that we could get them ? or a licence or something that is quite special to do with fishing? i don't kno enough about it
  • wendywuukwendywuuk Posts: 267
    Hi Girls,

    Good to know i'm not alone. I can't bring myself to buy him more fishing tackle (he has more rods and things than i would know what to do with) and it has filled our spare room already.

    Good idea about the fishing trip - i might see if there are any trips i can book on our honeymoon for him to go out on a boat for the day - he keeps telling me there are so many different kinds of fishing so i may try and book something completely different like shark fishing or something. - he he would also be perfect opportunity for me to have a spa afternoon in the hotel...

    if you get any other inspiration please let me know - its so nice to know he's not the only fisher-groom out there.


  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120
    does he watch t on the T.V or anything? cos my h2b spends hours watching the stuff! if he does, everyone's saying about football telegrams from managers, how about one from Matty Hayes or someone?

    just a suggestion!

    Danni x
  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267

    sorry to sound ignorant but who matty hayes?????
  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120
    hahaha! i was just trying to sound like i know loads about fishing but i don't! hahaha! he's a fishing show presenter my h2b is always talking about, presents 'the great rod race' apparently he's quite the celeb of the fishing variety!

    if u really really wanna go all out i saw a wedding cake in the shape of 3 carps! but that's only for the extremists!

    danni x
  • ooh don't think i'm that extreme to go for a carp cake but daren't tell H2B as he'll probably love it image

    As we're not going on out honeymoon till 4 weeks after the wedding i'm booking him a days fly fishing instruction just after the wedding as it something he's always wanted to try.

    What did you girls decide on?
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