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Groom Gift! Ideas please

I keep reading that its tradition for the new bride to present her new hubby with a gift on their wedding day!

Although my wedding is'nt exactly sticking to tradition (its a civil ceremony) I quite like the idea of this but am stuck on what to present him with! (I know he'd be happy to see my garter)!!! ha ha ha ;\)

Any suggestions please

Thanks, Carrie x


  • My h2b wants a ps3 game or a new stereo thing but as am not technologically minded I may go for the game as i kno the one he wants lol...I think traditional gifts may be cufflinks, watch, book etc etc please let me know what u get as I may be persuaded to change my mind lol xx
  • CarrielukCarrieluk Posts: 115
    Good idea!! My h2b had an XBOX for Christmas so maybe a game for that!

    We are ordering personalised cuff-links for h2b and all of our men in suits before the wedding so can't use that idea, He has a lovely watch but never wears it because he's a builder, And he can't read very well so there goes the book idea too! lol

    Might be best to go for the game afterall and forget traditional gifts!

    Thanks for the advice Kisi&Twinkle! x
  • oh my lord just posted a reply and lost it so here i go again!!!

    i'm getting my H2B a gift box for best man to give him in the morning. its just gonna have different bits and bobs in. like, groom socks and pants, mayb little poem things that will remind him of me, vodka minature with a note saying its 4 ur nerves, and few othr things that i pick up along the way!!

    It can be as cheap or expensive as u like, and at least its not something that will b put to the back of the cuboard cos H2B doesnt wear jewellery or anyhting like that!

    hope this gives u some idea!
  • CarrielukCarrieluk Posts: 115
    Thats a lovely idea! It will be nice for the best man to give it him on the morning of the wedding!

    Do h2b get us a gift??? lol lol

    Thanks for the tips x
  • For years we have gone to North Devon to Lynmouth. There is a gallery there and there is a canvas that my h2b has always loved but we have never got round to buying it. - hard to take home a huge canvas when camping!

    Somehow I want to get this for him. I am getting ready in the hotel so thought I could leave it in the room with a bow around it so he sees it when we go to the room at night. The canvas costs £85 but I think it will be worth it. What do you guys think?
  • CarrielukCarrieluk Posts: 115
    There's some lovely ideas,

    Thank you x
  • That sounds like a lovely idea cloudberry image I also like the best man giving the gift over that's sweet I was considering making up a little beauty regime set for my partner from molton brown or similar.

    My h2b has been advised to buy some agent provocateur undies for me for the wedding night heehee but I think they usually give something in the morning like jewellery etc xx
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    I'm also doing a gift box with a few bits and pieces in

  • kelly7243kelly7243 Posts: 450
    Hi- i have also got a gift box arranged with some bits and bobs in. On the day the best man will give a paper to h2b which has got a 'cover story' about our wedding I got it from it looks amazing and will hopefully be a nice surprise

    It's not the value of what you give it is the thought xxx
  • TToniukTToniuk Posts: 894
    What about a nice watch, or does he do a sport that you could buy him some equipment for?
  • Those are all really good ideas! After reading your suggestions, I am going to make up a gift box too. I'll put in it some nail clippers and a nail brush (being a plumber he always has dirty nails!), a miniature moisturiser, miniature aftershave, miniature alcohol (great idea!). Thought I'd also, if I have time, make a little compliation CD of special songs. Then I've also got this little book by Edward Monkton called 'A Lovely Love Story' about 2 dinosaurs - oh so sweet! Anyone got any more ideas?
  • -Westlake--Westlake- Posts: 1,050
    Hi there

    I bought my h2b a really big clock. We saw it ages ago and he loved it (it's a bit like an old ship's or railway clock).

    Then I bought him a Japanese Doll from thejapaneseshop which is gorgeous. They are all individually made and have there own names - his is 'lucky day'. He loves japanese culture and used to speak the language although i'm not sure he can remember much now!

    I'm also thinking of a watch too but it is kind of difficult to chose one! I might jst have his old one revamped and engraved.......
  • Hi

    i am getting a pocket watch engraved with special message and date of wedding for him to wear on the day hopefully he will love it as he loves watches anyway. May even ask his nan if his grandad had one that she wouldnt mind him having.

  • lctuklctuk Posts: 663 New bride
    I've made my own photo album ( I've put pics from when we 1st met ending with our wedding hotel and the last page with the words "To be continued".......
  • Quoted:

    i am getting a pocket watch engraved with special message and date of wedding for him to wear on the day hopefully he will love it as he loves watches anyway. May even ask his nan if his grandad had one that she wouldnt mind him having.


    Hi hope you dont mind me asking where you are getting your pocket watch from with the engraved message? This is exactly what Id like for my partner. I thought it would be a romantic pressie for him to open and then wear on the day. thanks
  • smizsmiz Posts: 1

    hi, im really stumped i like the idea of the box of lil bits but im getting married abroad n i think it will be too hard to do, he already has a expensive watch that he loves that i bought him last year  and he doesnt where anything else like that so it would be a waste of money, i really would love for the best man to give him a gift from me on the morning of our wedding. HELP!!!

  • Zara GZara G Posts: 48

    I love the gift box idea! I will be pinching that one if you don't mind image

  • I think im gunna do a grooms journal (from Oh so Cherised) and also buy him some socks and cufflinks

    Also going to do a boudior shoot (my cousin is a photographer so isn't costing much) too! He will never in a million years believe that i will be doing this! Hehe

    Hope he likes it! image xx

  • I love these ideas and am already using some of them... any ideas for a surpise or gift for dusing the wedding day? Im already doing a little 'box of love' as I call it which will be given to my groom by his best man on the morning of the wedding but was looking for a surprise or gift for during the day when we are both together. He is a big Man City fan so was looking into having a cake made up for him but it was getting a bit complicated with how it would be presented to him and would we cut the cake etc etc... any ideas from you lovely brides out there..? xxx

  • How about some professional 'sexy' (but classy!) photos of yourself??  Great now...even better to look back on in years to come!

  • Thanks Donna - nice idea will look into it - am a bit of a poser so this would suit me ha ha xxx

  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    hiya, if you are looking for some photos, why not check out sugar shoots, i did one of these for my hubby, and he loved it image


  • Hi everyone. I am looking for a personal newpaper website, where you can put your 'cover story' on the front....any ideas or websites to help me in the right direction please?

  • Loving this thread!! I am doing the gift box idea, I want something really WOW to suprise him on the day but unsure what to do as we are really low on budget but I want his day to be so special too, sometimes as my dad keeps reminding me, it's not all about the bride! Lol

  • Floundered I know the shop your talking about I love there work I go most years. Such a nice idea. I'm also doing a box got him so u don't get cold feet socks going to get hugo boss cufflinks and I have made a photo book. Not sure what else to put in it! 

  • Cloudberry not floundered stupid predictive text! 

  • LollybearLollybear Posts: 548

    My H2b is in the army and is used to getting parcels from me when he has been off around the world doing green stuff. I was going to make him up one of our "usual" boxes with a letter written as though he is away. I wasn't going to get him a present but I know he will enjoy opening hir parcel. 

  • LivelifeloveLivelifelove Posts: 1,024 New bride

    I've bought the groom journal on oh so cherished which it'll take me 6 months to complete but I know he'll love it. I'm going to get him a mulberry wash bag with bits and pieces in for the morning (after shave, balm) and something else but I'm still thinking of what! 

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