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Hi ya, just wondering if anyone knows how i can get in contact with either lewis hamilton, or Ron dennis from McLaren Mercedes. thought it would be a nice idea if they could write to my other half, seeing as he doesnt like foot ball hehe:\)


  • kirsty2939ukkirsty2939uk Posts: 1,019

    What a great idea. We have h2b's son's sorted out with letters from football clubs as the same as yours, my h2b hates football. Lewis Hamiltons site is still under construction, but I went to and used the contact us section. Fingers crossed they reply! Good luck x
  • Nikki102ukNikki102uk Posts: 318
    that is such an amazin idea cos my h2b dont like football and was thinking maybe contact the rugby team but he loves f1, thanks so much for the inspiration! sorry i cant help with suggestin how to get in touch. if they reply, let us know!! Nikki xx
  • purplepunkukpurplepunkuk Posts: 3,187
    we are both fans of F1, I sent mclaren an email last week but still haven't heard anything back!!! i might send a blank card to them and see if they will do something that way but i guess as f1 season just started they'll all be a wee bit busy at present!!!

    Sian x x x
  • MrsBarnabyMrsBarnaby Posts: 102
    I guess it's not the best time of year to be doing this - Lewis, Ron Dennis & the team will probably be out of the country for a while :\(
  • yeah i no tell me about it hehe i chose the wrong time of year to ask about it hehe, but i dont need it for another year or so hehe great ideas tho girls

  • fionalampardfionalampard Posts: 232
    I know this is a old post just wondered if anyone had actually got a reply from McLaren?
  • MrHD2BMrHD2B Posts: 105
    its unfortunate i didnt see this a little sooner, as i had a spare ticket to silverstone this year (was at the start of july) and im sure ron dennis & lewis hamilton would of signed something etc for you.

    not sure what dates they have for next years UK race as it moves to donnington park next year.
  • Nikki102ukNikki102uk Posts: 318
    hi, i dont know about anyone else but i havent heard anything! to be honest i didnt think i would. still have just under 18months till we get married anywho, so may chase them up via another route. i expect with lewis doing so well in the championship that they are v busy! anyone else who hears anything,keep us updated!

    love nikki xx
  • EagerBrideEagerBride Posts: 87
    This would be an excellent idea if it actually comes off. Has nobady had a response at all?
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