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Anyone doing a box of goodies for the groom??

:\? Hi,

Is anyone doing a box of goodies for the groom to be??

I did read a post on here about including

1. socks for if you get cold feet

2. paracetamol incase of too much to drink the night before

but can't remember any other items to include..... any ideas??


9 days to go..............arrgghhhh imageimageimage


  • blahhhh123blahhhh123 Posts: 245
    I am doing a 'goodie bag' which will have both of the baove plus some nice aftershave, 'groom' boxer shorts, a nice shaving kit (with a brush thing), a mug with 'Groom' written on (although you can get some that flash up words or a picture when hot which would be good). I will prob get a minature whisky too.

    By the way I haven't got most of this yet and I am 24 days to go so will be cutting it fine too!xx
  • lou_n_jacoblou_n_jacob Posts: 192
    Thanks for your help.

    Thats nothing - I'm 9 days away..........PANIC must go out buying!!!!

  • maryclowemaryclowe Posts: 82
    i was thinking of doing something similar to this, i had only really thought of the socks, parcetamol, card, tissues, maybe a whisky miniture, but then got a bit stuck! xx
  • Maybe some really nice aftershave?
  • some of his fave sweets and a pic of yourself? seems cheesy but hey hehe
  • esskevanesskevan Posts: 1,033
    cufflinks, pocket watch engraved with "see you at the church at 12.30" or similar, boudoir pics
  • marie28ukmarie28uk Posts: 299
    I did a search for this the other day and someone was including:

    something old

    something new

    something borrowed

    something blue!

    I'm thinking of an

    maybe a watch (new)

    a sixpence (old)

    everton shirt - he's a massive fan and some boxers (blue)

    don't know about the borrowed!

    This is my first draft of ideas though. Any improvements greatly received!
  • falandbfalandb Posts: 1,240
    i am including a hip flask in muy h2bs box engraved with our wedding date

  • Oh I love these ideas! I want to get H2B a watch with something engraved on the back, but I know he'd also love a little basket of goodies!

    He really likes the Loreal for Men stuff but are generally too expensive to buy regularly.....some choccies he'd LOVE...aspirins just in case-that sort of thing. Oh and maybe a mini bottle of Jack Daniels! xx
  • tejayde29tejayde29 Posts: 311
    Im doing one of these too, the boxers, whiskey, cufflinks - have seen some computer related ones and h2b is a computer geek lol, some sort of love letter from me and possible a watch. although not sure what sort yet.
  • kazzy47kazzy47 Posts: 264
    iv got a nice poem i was thinking about plus another one if your h2b gets on with your mum maybe she could send this to him

    Our New Son

    Since she was just a little girl we knew the day would come,

    when she would say these few sweet words, "I know I've found "the one".

    We knew he would be special, this man who'd fill her life,

    someone she could count on as she became his wife.

    In watching you together we've come to realize,

    just how grateful that we are to see such joy within her eyes.

    When you join our family and as she joins in yours,

    we know you'll make her happy, the one whom she adores.

    Through all the years we thought of this man, who'd be, "the one"

    we never knew that we would feel, such love for our new son.

    Welcome to Our Family.

    this is the groom one

    We've got the rings, we've set the date,

    the paths we've taken must be fate.

    What makes this passage seem so clear?

    It's the strength in me when you are near.

    Like no one else I've ever met,

    I trust in you with no regret.

    It's like a dream or fairy tale,

    yet up ahead are walls to scale.

    Those walls will come far and few,

    you'll trust in me, and I in you.

    One sweet kiss will change my life,

    I'll be your partner and your wife.

    The moment that we say, "I do",

    we'll take one path instead of two.

    I Love You.

  • lou_n_jacoblou_n_jacob Posts: 192
    mrs cruella - you've just made me cry image

    thats a lovely poem for our h2b's!! I think I'm going to have to borrow that!!!!!


  • lou_n_jacoblou_n_jacob Posts: 192
    mrs cruella - you've just made me cry image

    thats a lovely poem for our h2b's!! I think I'm going to have to borrow that!!!!!


  • lou_n_jacoblou_n_jacob Posts: 192
    Thank you so much for all these ideas girls.....

    Only 8 days to go - so best trott off to the shops in a bit......

  • MrsShrekhamMrsShrekham Posts: 518
    thanks for the ideas girls, I was going to get a watch engraved but the goody box sounds like a better choice

    P.S. Those poems are gorge Cruella x
  • naomi963naomi963 Posts: 961
    im putting in the socks, a t-shirt for the morning after the wedding, whiskey minature, mints, paracetamol, the mug which shows the writing when its hot, a 101 reasons why i love you poem, a watch and ?aftershave

    i doubt very much whether i will get the same though ridden present!!
  • delightfulukdelightfuluk Posts: 737
    I'm getting a basket of goodies for my man. I have got him a poem written at and some personalised Boxer shorts for the wedding night. I am also putting in some socks, paracetamol, alka seltzer, Jack daniels minatures for him and his best man, aftershave, chewing gum, my self took boudoir shots and a couple of other little things. The piece de resitance is the watch my grandfather left me, he knows how much it means to me so he should be equally impressed that I have given it to him.

    Hope he loves it all. Some great ideas here.
  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    I absolutely love this idea. I think this is what h2b may be getting lol
  • TToniukTToniuk Posts: 894
    This is such a lovely idea - I might just have to pinch it - lol
  • lauraattylauraatty Posts: 168
    This is a fab idea, i was going to get my h2b a silver rolo so migh just put that in the boxtoo.are you going to give it to him the night before for him to open it in the morning?xx
  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    my mum did a huge box of surprises for me and hubby - i have posted the thread link cos it got quite funny as although i kept saying it was my mum`s gift some of the suggestions were ahem - inappropriate? lol xx

  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    spot the 3 things mum wouldn`t do for h2b !!!

    oh and if you keep going to the end of the link you see what we actually got on the day in our boxes as i updated it after the wedding
  • MrsWinn2bMrsWinn2b Posts: 17
    definately stealing some of your fantastic ideas!!! Thanks
  • delightfulukdelightfuluk Posts: 737
    This is a fab idea, i was going to get my h2b a silver rolo so migh just put that in the boxtoo.are you going to give it to him the night before for him to open it in the morning?xx

    Where do you get those from?
  • cutlersukcutlersuk Posts: 149
    i have done him a cd with our fav song on it,

    i have also got a certificate from Liverpool FC

    i need to get him

    some new socks

    a pair of boxers

    new aftershave

    some nurofen

    some Bachs remedy

    Oreros as these are his fav biscuits

    Bag of Cola Bottles as these are his fav sweets


    A Penguin jacket that hes wanted for ages

    not going to get him cufflinks or a watch as he doesnt wear either of them now.

    and i few other bits that i have yet to think of

  • BRIDE100BRIDE100 Posts: 884
    I did the box thing for my hubby. It included:

    Groom Socks

    Groom cufflinks

    Groom Boxers


    A HUGE box of his fav sweets

    Signed Liverpool wedding certificate - which I had put in a frame

    Leather bound, engraved Liverpool history book (from Getting Personal)

    New wallet (as he needed one!)

    Football mug with his name on the shirt (again from Getting Personal)

    Card, with poem in

    And the piece de resistance which he got as a surprise when he checked into the hotel - a Nintendo Wii, which he had wanted for ages.

    He got me a gorgeous diamond necklace - bless him. He also gave me a card and he had written the most beautiful love letter ever in it. Was amazing. xxx
  • giantsamgiantsam Posts: 70
    Hello everyone, what fab suggestions! I am planning on getting h2b some Thomas Pink cufflinks engraved with our wedding date in Roman numerals but I think I will have to do him a little goody bag too now!

    PS. Delightful - You can buy the silver (and gold) 'My Last Rolo' from
  • dolanlauradolanlaura Posts: 255
    I'm doing this too,

    - Grooms boxers and socks so he doesn't forget how important he is..

    - Mints for fresh breath for the first kiss as amn ans wife!!

    - hanky to mop brow in view of the fact that the sun will be shinning and he'll feel hot in his wedding suit!!!!!

    - Minature JD for nerves

    - Watch engraved to get him to the church on time

    - Card and love letter just to remind him of how much I love him.

    - A little book on how to behave as a husband!! written in 1913 very funny!!

    I'm also going to print it out on a list explianing what they are for, to add to the humour..

    Good luck everyone, shame we won't see their faces when they open them!!!!

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  • hmarsh8hmarsh8 Posts: 430
    Hi I have got H2b a few things as well which I will give to him the morning of the wedding

    Groom Socks

    Groom Boxers

    Lacoste Wallet (Which i know he will love)

    Arsenal Cuff Links

    Letter from Football Club

    I have also written 101 reasons Why I Love You and put it into a nice envelope


    Minature Vodka Bottle

    Mints (for fresh minty breath for our first kiss)

    Hankie (incase he cries!?! lol)


    I am also planning on picking out 10 special occasions/memories from since we met - writing the date and a bit about that day/event and a photo or something of that day and putting it together in a small scrap book e.g.

    First date (Including first kiss)

    First Very romantic moment when I REALLY knew he was the one (we had both been out for a drink, when we left the pub it was p***ing down with rain we walked through the town in the rain and there was Lady In Red being played in the inside mall which we were walking past, we both stopped and had the most amazing kiss!)

    First xmas

    First new year

    When he proposed

    And a few other extra special memories

    Hoping to limit it to ten but there are som many to choose from

    Lovin the rolo idea might do that as well


  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    i found a site on ebay that do cufflinks engraved for £10 inc postage. They look really nice. Got our initals and the date.

    Also found my something blue- cool water aftershave yay
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