What is a'good' make of watch? Gift for groom...

Hi Everyone,

I really want to give my H2B a small gift on the wedding day- I'm going to ask his dad to give it to him during a 'quiet moment' in the morning with a little note from me! I think a nice watch would do it. He's a bit of a designer label lover so certain types of watch won't meet his standards!! I know nothing about watches- can anyone recommend a good make that would fit into Essex life!! Obviously Rolex would be nice but the budget doesn't stretch that far!!;\)



  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    What is your budget?my H2b wants a tag heuer. But i can't afford it right now.
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  • tartanrubytartanruby Posts: 354
    Really depends on your budget - h2b is a bit of a watch freak so have gotten to know a fair bit about them over the last few years!!

    Easiest thing would be to find some you like in your price range then google them - you will get review etc etc - there are also watch forums out there - they would be a good place to go for 'expert' advice.
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    My OH likes watches and I've got him a Tissot which he's had his eye on. It's the same people who make Omega (James Bond's watch!).

    Does depend on the budget. I got mine from Ernest Jones and they've said we can take it back if he wants a different one.

    L xx
  • sharplesuksharplesuk Posts: 857
    This really does depend on budget. Because there is such a vast range of good watch manufacturers out there.

    When H2B and I got engaged, I bought him a Tag Heuer watch as his engagement present. I think it cost me around £700.

    However, since then, H2B has become a watch connoisseur and has since bought himself a Breitling watch (absolutely gorgeous watches but prices range from around £900 up to £5k!) and a Raymond Veil watch (prices range from around £350 to around £2k).

    Hope this helps.


    P.s. I'm from Essex and H2B is such an Essex Wannabe. So I'm sure our H2B's would have quite similar taste.
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    As the girls have said, depends on budget.

    I've just got h2b a TAG which was £750 and i'm lucky he wanted one of the cheaper ones!!!

    Omega and Breitling are good but they are expensive

  • tartanrubytartanruby Posts: 354
    One option if you find one that is over your budget is that a lot of shops do interest free credit????
  • babyboofulbabybooful Posts: 1,099
    What about a more designer watch, like Armani? They are about £200 from Ernest Jones
  • sherd3sherd3 Posts: 303
    Ernest Jones have a huge range of designer watches - Gucci watches are around £500 i think, Armani are cheaper. Have a look around and see what you can afford x
  • mccayfdmccayfd Posts: 24
    I got my h2b a Tag watch for his 40th last year, shopped around and found this website the cheapest and excellent service - http://www.swisswatchesdirect.co.uk/index.html:\)
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    Yeah H2B really wants a TAG watch too we don't get married for 3 years so I'm really gonna try put a bit extra away each month so I can afford to buy him one - it's £825 the one he likes though phew all that money on a watch!!!

    but I know he'll love it it'll be worth it so see the look on his face on the day


  • delightfulukdelightfuluk Posts: 737
    Rolex of course lol but if that is out of your budget I woudl say Tag Heur!
  • LuckyManuk1LuckyManuk1 Posts: 13
    I ;\)would say go for a TAG one good idea would b to buy something simple and with metal strap (original 'link') so it last's. I got one for my 21 birthday from mum and it is still great 5yrs later. Good luck hope he likes it. I am not a bridetobe. anyone know how I can to change?!
  • wainjwainj Posts: 603
    I would go Hugo Boss, Paul Smith or Diesel (more casual than office from Diesel though)

    I bought H2B a Boss one for his birthday years ago and he still wears it every day x
  • amy82amy82 Posts: 264
    Depends on your budget totally - there are really nice watches to be got for a couple of 100 quid, or a couple of thousand!

    I got H2B a Tiffany watch - got credit card with interest free purchases as it wasn't cheap, but he loves it and it was a little bit different (and of course comes in that gorgeous box!) Had the back engraved with the wedding date and got it to his hotel room on the morning of the wedding.

  • immyberryimmyberry Posts: 18

    I'm getting my h2b a fossil watch. They're about £100 so not the most expensive and maybe not the best make, but I think they have some nice designs which are bit more unusual. Plus, he has a habit of taking his watch off and leaving it places so I don't think it would be wise to spend a fortune! xx
  • LuckyManuk1LuckyManuk1 Posts: 13
    ...it all depend's on whether u want a watch that will last forever tho. i dont want to be rudebut a fossil, boss, armarni etc are not the same quality as a tag, rolex, brightling and wont last for very many years. are you getting it engraved. it does all come down to money though. you can get tag's for 300 if you shop around on the web.
  • LuckyManuk1LuckyManuk1 Posts: 13
    also classic watches will still be cool many many years time. i dont work for tag haha
  • i gave my husband a Georg Jensen watch as they are beautiful and classic 'design' as opposed to 'designer' watches.. cost about £650 so depends on your budget and your fiance's taste in watches but I think they are stunning.. and he was pretty pleased!

  • I got my bloke a Breitling as his engagement gift - its nowhere near as much as the engagement ring so i feel its fair to spend more than usual. remember watches are passed down the generations so buy well and itl be appreciated for years xx

  • My father had a Swiss watch for over 40 years,

    he maintained they were the best,

    I have a Tissot, and 2 Rotary watches and I have had them a long time I now have a Lacroix only had it 5 years but its lovely and still going strong, so are the Tissot and Rotary watches one of them I wear every day the other 2 are bracelet straps and they dont fit now
  • Raymond Weil are very good for the money.
  • cazanncazann Posts: 832
    Omega are classic watches that increase in value nicely if you want an investment.
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