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INFO! - Executive Affairs car hire closure!

Just received a letter from Exective Affairs stating that they are ceasing business at the end of 2008 due to new taxi licensing legislation, feul prices etc...:\(

We had booked an Astin Martin DB9 Coupe through them as a suprise for the groom for March 2009 and they have refunded our cheque.

If you're looking for cars in 2009 onwards, this company will no longer be available.

As far as I am aware they are honouring their 2008 bookings.

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  • Natashauk1Natashauk1 Posts: 470
    Ah bugger was just looking to book them image
    Hi all,

    I have booked the Aston Martin and the Chrysler 300C with 'An executive Affair' for our wedding in September, I just thought I'd let you know that I have just spoken to the company and they have advised me that they are honouring all of their bookings (unless they have written to you already) and also they are still taking new bookings for this year up to the end of September.

    Hope this helps anyone who is looking for information!

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