calling all royal marine's B2B

Are there any other royals B2B out there???


  • FAYE1983FAYE1983 Posts: 853
    Im not but thought i would say hi!!!

  • fab1ennefab1enne Posts: 96
    yup me image
  • sarahkuksarahkuk Posts: 511
    ill be a royal marines wife in 30days!!
  • helenu_445helenu_445 Posts: 109
    yes me!!! 14 days to go image
  • HI ... IM ALSO A MARINE b2b... SCARY!!
  • Hi,

    I got married to a Royal in June 09! Yay!

    We have had difficulty applying for married quarters tho as the bloody forms got returned as my other half didn't put a pin number thing on and he can't get onto JPA to sort it!!

    Anyone else had problems or is it just us? x
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