Just wondering if anyone here is posted to Lossiemouth and knows anything about quarters up there? We get married in November and I have said I will move which I am pretty scared about! Have started looking for a job there and things but would be really nice to say hello to anyone else who is up there or planning to be in the near future!:\)


  • Hi Weesy73, Unfortunately we aren't posted there so cant tell you a great deal, but I've heard really good things about the camp!

    I'd recommend that you have a look on the Hive site for jobs in the local area, Here's a link to the Hive, maybe give them a ring and see what help they can give?? http://www.raf.mod.uk/raflossiemouth/stationfacilities/lossiemouthhive.cfm
  • weesy73weesy73 Posts: 177
    Thanks for that link - there is quite a lot of stuff there! I was actually up this weekend and have applied for a job in my field so am keeping everything crossed! It's beautiful up there was quite impressed! Maybe it wont be so bad to move and like you say everyone seems to have good stuff to say about it! Thanks for your help x
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