Plaaning a RAF wedding

Hi all,

My other half starts his RAF training in february 2010 and so will be finished by xmas...we are hoping to book everything for a wedding April 2011. We're going to want to start booking things soon (i.e before he starts training)... do you think there will be any problem with this? I am so worried that we might set the date and book the venue (and put down big deposit) and then find out we can't get married then... are the RAF pretty good if they know so far in advance that you are getting amrried then? It feels even more stressful because I will be stuck in north Yorkshire while he is training at Halton then Southwick park so will doing most of the plaaning on my own. We are wanting to move into MQ's as soon as we are wed as well.

Sorry to have rambled but I don't know anyone else who has an H2B going into or already int eh forces and not sure who to ask!!!!!

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  • Hi Mel,

    I got married back in April. My husband is in the RAF and we planned our wedding whilst he was doing his trade training at Cosford (he has finished this now and started his job). You should be fine, we only had the weekend off to get married and are going on a belated honeymoon in 3 weeks time as we couldn't book time off whilst he was training as the holidays are pre set. Once he has started his job he should be able to book any time off he likes. We booked the time off for our honeymoon a month or so ago fine. we move into married quarters on Thursday so if you have any questions about that I'll try to help

    Hannah x
  • simoniosimonio Posts: 223
    Hi Mel

    My other half has just finished at Halton and then hes going on to do other training at cranwell we cant get married until this has finished. My advice is wait until hes done the first 9 weeks as Halton in case he gets put back at all, also his next course might not start straight is a big pain waiting and not hearing anything at first...we aer just starting to think about plans now but waiting until he has started his actual job as initial training can be quite tough on both of you,,.think im in similar position as you though

    Simone x
  • AmeliaJukAmeliaJuk Posts: 231
    We will be getting married while h2b is in the middle of trade training, they say not to as they can be called upon any weekend for 'team building' and guard duty. My h2b started his trade training at St Athan on 1st june and has already had 2 weekends away and has 4 days in France at the end of Sept too. We didn't know we weren't supposed to arange it while he was in trade trainig, but once it was booked not a lot we could do, he's managed to get it authorised that he won't be needed the weekend we get married, so like springbride we'll only have the 2 days. We plan to go on Honeymoon when he finds out whwh his leave is early on next year. I hate all the not knowing though as I like to plan ahead with everything!

    Amelia x
  • Hi

    My H2B has been in the RAF for 5 years and we are getting married in August 2010. He is supposed to be out in Afghan on that date but he told his boss thats when we wanted to get married and he just said because we have given him plenty of notice (plus he has been away 6 times already and is currently out there) then it will be fine and he has taken his name of the list. To be honest I don't find the RAF to bad they always try and make alternative arrangements as long as you dont take the mick lol. Good luck
  • Pink Penguin, the only words of warning I'd give you would be to take out comprehensive wedding insurance. Whilst theyr usually not too bad, the RAF can mess you around with dates. Also once your H2B has passed his basics he will be posted to his squadron. Unfortunately with the war ongoing in Afghanistan it is likely that your H2B will have to do a tour of duty and its not unheard of for lads to be sent to afghanistan straight from basic training. This happened to a few lads on my H2Bs sqaudron (Hes RAF Regiment) and now that theyve just got bk from afghan theyr starting their trade training). Always check that your wedding insurance wlll cover you if you have to postpone - make sure you tell them when you take it out that he's in the military, youd be amazed how many companies wont insure people in the forces!!
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