Moved the wedding.....back to its original date :)

10/11/12 im so excited we were looking at early 2013....image i am beaming image image ...when do you think I need to start booking places???

The stress will be worth it imageimage




  • excellent congratulations bet you cant wait. if you see somewhere you like no problem with putting a deposit down when your ready (asap) x
  • FAYE1983FAYE1983 Posts: 853
    Unless your 100% sure about something, sometimes booking too early you can end up losing money.

    Defo dont get your dress too early.

    Long as your 100% sure then things like the venue and cateers etc then why not!!

    I started 18 months before my wedding date and i think thats a good time to really start. Enough time but not too much time either!!

    Good luck with it all hun

  • Well I have a *monica* style wedding folder of which Ive short listed venues. So a little further down the line we will collect brochures and weigh up price with what the venue looks like and capacity. I have alot of family!!! Still waiting for an official proposal he proposed without a proper ring last time and wants to do it again as I deserve one *according to H2B*. I get two proposals image lol. Im still beaming image xx
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