DISAPPOINTED! Caroline Castigliano head office address?

Does anyone happen to know the head office address of Caroline Castigliano? I bought my dress there (Edinburgh branch) in December exactly a year to the date of our wedding...staff couldn't be nicer! On returning there for my dress fitting last week felt nothing but in their way and an inconvenience taking up too much of their time. Firstly my appointment seemed to have vanished even though my mum had phoned to confirm the week earlier because I now live in Dubai and am only home 3 weeks. Then I've been told I have to fly home for a certain date because the dressmaker is taking the week before Christmas off! Wasn't told there would be a problem with getting a dressmaker doing alterations when parting with thousands of pounds!! Basically need to be back the Friday before Christmas but there are no flights to get me in that day (I'm a teacher and term finishes 3pm Thursday!)....ANYWAY! Back to my main concern! Does anyone have a contact address/email for Caroline Castigliano head office please? Their website weirdly doesn't have any such details! Any help would be majorly appreciated as my only way out of the problem would be to have the £400 alteration fee (on a M2M dress by the way!) refunded so I can get another dressmaker to make any necessary alterations!

Thank you!!! ;\)


  • MrsGavinMrsGavin Posts: 257
    Hi I think this is it:

    The Old Church

    89 b Quicks Road



    United Kingdom (UK)

    W17 1TB
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