wedding insurance covering armed forces

Hi, am hoping one of you can help. We are planning on getting married in December 2009 and am about to send off deposit cheques and fix up insurance this week. My man is in the RN, can anyone recommend a wedding insurance company/policy that will cover us in case his appointer goes nuts and decides to send him away from home, meaning the wedding needs to be moved and/or cancelled.

Thanks ladies


  • simoniosimonio Posts: 223
    i'm looking too, for insurance that covers RAF

  • simoniosimonio Posts: 223
    my h2b signed up to the forces discount website...theres a company on there called MRL and you get discount, they have some different levels...think the one we want is £60 and we get 5% off if we quote FD.....

    That covers us for £20k but depending on the cost of your wedding they have a package for £20.

    Let me know if anyone finds anything cheaper.

  • Hi ladies

    We've gone with these:

    Don't think they'll be cheaper than yours though mrsbegg2b!

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    goody...forces discount site comes in handy then
  • Great, thanks for the info. Taken out policy and all sorted now. Much appreciated.
  • My other half is RAF and I used E+L they advertised that they covered forces personnel and even had an option for ceremonial sword cover.

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    oooh did you get the swords for the ceremony? i want i want lol doubt it'll happen as hes not an officer
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    As far as im aware you dont have to be an officer to have the ceremonial swords as we we're going to but didnt in the end...and H2B isnt an officer!

    Like shrinkingbelly we took ous out with e & l

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