Married quarters!! Arrgghhh!!

Hi All!!

We have recently applied for married quarters and I am at my wits end!! No one seems to be able to tell us anything and the form got sent back to us cos hubbie didn't know a "code" (or whatever military term is!!). ..and then no one seems willing to help. Now we have to wait till my hubbie is at his new base to get it all sorted and I won't be able to join him till november now.

Has anyone else had trouble or is it just us?? Sorry...I am just feeling abit frustrated!! xxxxx


  • fab1ennefab1enne Posts: 96
    not in married quarters myself, but have you been in touch with welfare to see if there is anything they can do? They may be able to suggest something or know more about how it works
  • gobiwangobiwan Posts: 256
    do you know what code it is i filled them in for me n hubby so might be able to help you out x
  • kat2903kat2903 Posts: 57
    hey hun my H2B is forces but luckily so am I, i think i no what code ur on about, its called a UIN, if u message me what unit it is he is going to i will try my best to get you the code haha as i no how damn stressful it all is, and im in the job et alone for u, u poor thing x x x
  • Hi all..

    Thanks so much for your messages. Killerkat, that is the thing we need!! Welfare were as much help as a chocolate teapot ha ha.

    He will be at Lympstone at the training school and we need the UIN for there.

    If you could get it that would be fab as we have been told he will have to wait until he starts in September to sort it as he can't get on JPA and the housing office aren't allowed to give it to him (apparently) xxx
  • Have you tried calling the camp that he will be posted to and asking for it?

    Another great place to try is the HIVE - Ive found you their contact details. 28 Trafalgar Rd, Lympstone, Exmouth, Devon, EX8 5HU??????? - 01395 225755???????

    I'd give them a call as they'll also be really helpful after youv been given your married quarter with help settling in and getting to know people.
  • Oh that is great!! Thanks for that! I will get hubby to get on the know what men are like sometimes! So slow!! xx
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