worried! out the pot into the flame!!!

hi ladies i havent been on this thread in a while as hb2b left the army in june!

to be honest was soooooo relieved when he left its bloody hard being a forces wag!!

we have just recieved some news that hb2b has got a job in met police, were really pleased but im quite worried(again!) hes gonna be away training for a long time then once trained its straight to the job in london.

im really pleased & sooooo proud he did it as it is hard to get in and it took a lot of hard work im just a bit scared its gonna be out of the pot & into the fire!

we have two v young children together & its a bit of a scary thought having all that worry back!!

anyone elses hb2b/hubby thinking the police is the way to go? or any po wifes?? xx :\)

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