What should my man wear in the evening?

My RAF hubby-to-be is an SAC so doesnt have an evening 'do' suit - does anyone know if he's meant to therefore stay in his number ones all day? I've heard if he's in his number ones hes got to wear the whole lot - not allowed to take his jacket off etc. Im worried that he (and the ushers) are going to get way too hot and uncomfortable ...



  • Hey,

    My H2B is in the Marines and will be in his "blues" during the day, the marines do have a less formal suit but we decided he should change into a nice shirt and tie with a suit he already has, that way he can take the jacket etc off if he is too hot later on etc without worrying about the formalities of the work suit!

    At the end of the day its what you two prefer, no one is going to pull him up for it on your wedding day surely lol xx

  • My H2B is wearing his number ones all day, but he is a bit worried about overheating! I agree that it is up to you two, it's your day, don't worry about what anone else thinks image x

  • My H2B is in the Engineers and is planning to wear his number ones all day during the ceremony, meal & maybe for the sunset photos but will change into a lighter suit after as he thinks he'll be more comfortable in that and doesn't want to wear his formal dress all day and night. Although we are getting married in Cyprus (in October)... I don't think he's really thought about how hot he may be during the afternoon ceremony!

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    Yes even in england they'll probably overheat! lol oh dear. I think il have to order him a lighter suit or something!

    Anyone else's fella's doing the olympic security? The shifts they are having to do sound horrendous 4am-9pm!! wht the bloody f*** im very proud though,,..xx

  • A quick update, my Husband (eek!) did overheat slightly! Him and his best man had undone the button at the neck and taken off their belts by the end of the evening, but they looked amazing and they don't get to wear their number 1s very often (this was my husbands first time, when his best man got married he just wore a suit) so it was worth it.

     The pictures are amazing to, he looked very dashing! I've written a quick wedding report http://armywives.blog.com/wedding/  might do a proper one on here once I've finished moving!

  • My h2b is a junior rank and i'm ex-raf so i know the rules too and we've agreed that he will stay in his No1's until after the first dance, when he can change into a smart shirt and trousers. (we also agreed that he will leave it five mins before going to change rather than making a break for the door as the last bars of the music are playing like he'd prefer lol!)


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