12pm ceremony!


i get married 2nd November next year at 12pm! I have no idea on timings or anything!! But one thing I want to get in is a sunset photo!! 😩 
any help would be amazing! 
The only other time we have is 6.30 for evening! We have a casino table to fit in somewhere during the day too! 


  • I can’t help much really but just wanted to say hi as we’re date twins, I’m also getting married on 2nd November! Could you speak to your suppliers to see if they can give you a guide? Your photographer should be able to let you know what time you’d need to be free to get the photo you want then you could check with your venue or caterer how other things could fit around that - you may find things fall into place around it!
  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,137 New bride
    Sun sets around 4pm so you could pop out after your meal / before dessert is served?
  • Check online when the sunset will be, we nipped out during desserts for ours. Def worth it! We had a 12 noon ceremony too.
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