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Unable to access the forum from mobile device

Anyone else having problems (or resolved problems) with accessing the forum from a mobile or tablet? I can read posts but even though it tries to log me in it immediately kicks me out when I try. If I then try again it wont even return to the log in screen for a while. Its very annoying and I've tried different browsers and devices. I can log in on a computer no issue.

Any ideas for how to resolve this glitch?


  • Yes I have the same thing, I'm glad someone else has posted about this! It just bumps me out on my phone when I try and log in and post - so annoying! :( I have to use the same comp/same browser window each time for it to work! :( 
  • SarahC2016SarahC2016 Posts: 443 New bride
    @Anxiousbride2 glad it's not just me! Fingers crossed there is a fix!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,388 New bride
    Mine has stopped working on my phone if I try and log in using chrome, but I can log in using a different browser on my phone 
  • MrsMidtobeMrsMidtobe Posts: 194 New bride
    Mine won’t work at all using safari but seems to be letting me post for now work chrome on my phone. 

    I hate it though it’s clunky and I’m not used to using it, would much prefer to be able to to use the standard safari browser on my phone. 
  • Ironically I am having the opposite issue!
    I cannot log in on Crome on my laptop it goes to the login screen one with the right details but won’t log in and then when I try again won’t even go to the log in screen. It is working fine on safari on my phone and internet explorer on my laptop.
    its very odd that the website is glitching in different ways for different people
  • Tallie237Tallie237 Posts: 532 New bride
    @MrsE2be2020 same here! Working on my phone but not on a laptop 
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