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Web Ed - whats happened?

Hellooo Web Ed. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. image

I dunno whats happened with the forum. Its gone quite pear shaped! Usually when I type messages I try to spread it out by leaving clear lines in between paragraphs. For some reason now the spaces don't appear. It makes it really hard to read messages if the paragraphs are all squashed together. Also if someone types a link you can't just click on it as its in the middle of all the typing and so can't act as a link.

Whats gone wrong?

Shelley xxx


  • Yes - I have noticed the same Shelley! I thought it was just me being loopy!

    Also while we're at it Web ed - what are we meant to do with the blogs? I have created one, but had to add my second as a comment and it looks very odd! Its not really how I would have expected it to be..? Am I doing it wrong? I thought I would just be able to keep adding under my original entry and other people could comment if they wanted? (though that also seems a little odd that people would comment on my blog but not to worry!!) Thank you nicely! xx
  • webeditor01webeditor01 Posts: 1,514
    Happening to me too... I'll report it now but it might not be anything that can be fixed until next week I'm afraid. I'm sorry, because it's pretty annoying isn't it! As soon as I can find out what's up with it and when it can be sorted out, I'll let you know. Thanks, Web Ed PS hope you had a fab Christmas :\)
  • Kaz2609Kaz2609 Posts: 415
    Phew...though it was just me who was typing one big long sentence!!
  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906

    if you type but all together it will take you to the next sentence

    Someone on here told us how to do it on another post, but i can't remember who it was sorry x
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