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How do I find my posts/threads?

I don't get it, there's not much of a user cp bit now so how do I find my stuff?


  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449
    cant find mine either, and im not being sent emails wen people email back, so i dot no if anyones replyed or not? anyone no how to change that too, while theyre here? x
  • Sarah6792Sarah6792 Posts: 112
    I cant find mine either, rubbish! image
  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695
    nope, it's rubbish!! x
  • vw_familyvw_family Posts: 992
    And you can't get to other peoples older ones either....poop!

  • How frustrating!! I used to love this web site...
  • loubylou79loubylou79 Posts: 159
    I agree Its not very clear, I cant find anything I'm searching for image

  • debzbowdebzbow Posts: 115
    Aaargh why isn't anyone from the site helping with this problem? Can't find anything, so frustrating!!
  • does anyone have answer ?

    I can#'t find message boards or my pafe with coutdown or even my account . You and your wedding ....chnage it back !!grrrrrr!!!
  • vixylixvixylix Posts: 6
    I couldn't even log in with my old details, tried putting UK on my username like one of the emails said and it still didn't work. Now I can't find any posts I've made under the new name!! Grrr, so annoyed. Thinking of leaving this site for good.
  • your account is under the button on the top right of the homepage - where it says Hi (Name). But how frustrating is it that you can't find your posts or comments???? you can;t search by date either. I found a really REALLY useful "Bridesmaid outfit under £100 thread" back in Feb but I'm not sure what section it was in or the exact date - I guess I'll never find it again! does any know the one I mean and where to find it????

    Thanks ximage
  • tishlashtishlash Posts: 126
    Oh good its not just me being daft then - have posted a question and now can't find where i put it!!!
  • SG-B2BSG-B2B Posts: 29
    I would like to know the answer to this as it can be so frustratin tryin to go back thru the pages 2 find the post u commented on!!!
  • angleterreangleterre Posts: 44
    Im not using this site again, it is no good now
  • katiesionkatiesion Posts: 50
    Totally agree - I use to get an email when someone had replied to a site I'd either started or commented on ... Why isn't anyone giving us the answers???
  • aha it's not just me going mad then, there is an issue. I don't want to go and join another site but can't handle this one as it's so basic and time consuming to use. Sadly I am off to trawl for another wedding site with easier to use format. I'll keep checking back incase they change it as I do like the people on here.
  • JoyiuJoyiu Posts: 279
    hello,welcome !

    Quinceanera dresses

  • kate0803kate0803 Posts: 188
    having the same problem !!
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