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Hi there, how can we report abuse on this site? There are lots of incredibly inappropriate porn posts put on You and Your Baby. these include adverts for rape and child pornography (from the titles) I won't click on the threads to open it.

I love this site and have been a member for 3 years but this is appalling! Get your act together mods!

Updated to say I have reported to the Internet Watch Foundation


  • AlyBallAlyBall Posts: 695
    OMG - I can't help you with this but I just wanted to say I can't believe how nasty people can be!! I hope you get somewhere with this!! x
  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    Its disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Everyday there seems to be more and more of these posts posted on you and your Baby and some days, there will easily be about 5 or 6 taking up the first page and the titles, as princess buttercup says are completely vile. When they first started showing up, id open them just so I could report them to the moderators and now I darent bother just so that I don't have to see the images. Something really does need to be done about them (and sooner rather than later please) as it is really ruining the site.
  • n_e_rosen_e_rose Posts: 1,562
    i've told the web ed about this twice and they still haven't taken them down!
  • XWendyXukXWendyXuk Posts: 754
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