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Papparazzi style photographer?

We have deceided that we want a paparazzi style photgragher for our evening reception, but all the ones I ve emailed so far havent been to great with replies, can anyone recommend a company? manchester area? x


  • Pap style is very in your face, up close an obstructing.

    This probably explains the poor response.

    Perhaps contacting your local paper and asking who they use will yield a better response.

    I would be hesitant to offer my services as it's not how I shoot. (As in if client approached me for something similar).
  • Hi there, you might get more response in general chat or planning. I think it sounds like a really fun idea and something memorable for your evening guests. Chris (poster above) tends to be a bit opinionated on this kind of thing i've found, which i guess is his right as a professional, but i bet you'll find someone who'd love to get such an unusual job. Will you have a more traditional photographer for earlier in the day? E x
  • Hi,

    Im not sure so correct me if im wrong but i think you might be loknig for a "reportage" style photographer, sthey take pictures of special moments where no-one is aware they are being taken, and dont do everything all posey posey smiley smiley, just capture the little things most would miss. If you google reportage sytle photogrpahers in the area and have a look at their gallereies, you may have more luck contacting one of them. GOOD LUCK ! (agree with emme RE chris)
  • Sorry, in rewording my original reply.

    Wedding Photographers in general hate being labelled Paparazzi, it's like calling a doorman and bouncer or a policeman a pig. Paparazzi have a bad reputation and are generally considered the nasty end of photography.

    It's also a style most wedding photographers shy away from because of such inferance and why I suggested someone more likely to use that style.

    Apologies if I came across that way, sometimes I forget that I should explain more and assume less.
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