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Putting a picture on your profile?

Have tried uploading a pic from the computer, and tried using one direct from the internet, but still can't get it on my profile after I've put my password in and hit ok but no photo!

Can anyone help?! image


  • This has happened to me a few times.

    You just have to leave it, and hope that it happens!!

    When I put my last one up, I had given up, and thought it hadn't worked. But then it suddenly appeared!! It's very frustrating

  • Bit hit and miss then. Oh well will just have to keep hissing and threatening the computer!
  • Yes, I definitely think hissing is required!! image

    Hope it works!!

  • Yay it's worked! That is the Flea! Gave up trying to find another name as everything was taken. Wonder if he can be taught to carry the rings....

    (OH hates him!)
  • And just noticed you're 10 days post wedding, congratulations! x
  • Yay!! I'm glad it worked image

    Thank you!! We had the most amazing day!! When do you get married??

    I forgot to add that I love the picture. I think you should def try to teach him to carry the rings image

  • He hasn't actually proposed yet... hmm there's not a blushing face!

    There has been much talk of weddings recently, well from the off really! So I'm kinda expecting a ring by this time next year!

    Then I'll be a nightmare as it wont be idle mooching with regards to wedding things! Know what wedding ring I want though, used to work in jewellers, is a yellow gold band with a scatter of diamonds.

    wont let me post the pic
  • Oh I see. Well my fingers are crossed that it will happen soon image

    Does he know what ring you'd like?? If not, keep dropping subtle hintsimage

    The ring is gorgeous!!!

  • I'd told him that a proposal in under 12 months is far too soon, we got together towards the end of January so I'm guessing it'll come shortly after that next year.

    Thankfully he's made it very much known what his intentions are and that it's only a matter of time!

    We live pretty close to the jewellery quarter so I'd like to have a look about having something made up, have seen a beautiful 3 stone ring, 'diamond' shaped stone in the middle with smalled triangle shaped stones on either side. Sounds a bit :S but it's really pretty x
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