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Our Wedding 3/9/10 in pictures

We got married on friday the 3rd of September in my home town of Cork, ireland. We have been together for 7 years and this day was the best of both our lifes. We knew we would enjoy it but never expected it to be so special. It was a formal church wedding but the atmosphere was very relaxed. I have a big irish family so it seemed like there was lots of people there but it was close family and friends and it was an amazing day!!

Here is us at the church


  • oh you look beautiful, what a gorgeous dress. many cnogratulations. x
  • Great that picture seemed to work so here is some more!!

    My shoes were Red and Dead from Schuh....I hated all wedding shoes i tried. My bouquet was a mixture of different roses and garden flowers to mix it up.....i left a lot of the details up to my florist...she was lovely!

    This is us actually getting can see my hair clip...from glitzty got loads of comments!!

    After the service we went to a local regional park and got some gorgeous shots ...heres a few......bridesmaids are in debenhams dressess with red herring shoes...all boys are in hired black tails suits....they are also wearing superhero multicoloured socks underneath...

    and us..

    my dress is art couture....i got it in a boutique in cork that sells second hand, one off new dresses and vintage. mine was a new dress. I love love loved it...everyone said it was so unusual and really me. I got it for a lot less then if i'd bought it from a designer shop and would definitly recommend people hunt out boutique and second hand shops....gorgeous dresses!

  • Last few...but not least...the boys..

    outside the hotel

    hotel staff were so helpful...really important to us as we lived in england and just had to trust them to do what we asked!!

    the cake...hand made by a local cake maker...

    finally our rings...note the engraved glasses....a gift from the hotel!

    We had a great day...we took a couple of times out just the two of us in our room to catch up and spend some time together and that was great...hope you all enjoyed the pic and good luck on your big day!!!
  • opps...posted this in wrong forum...anyone know how to move it to newlyweds??
  • mum2onemum2one Posts: 737
    peachy_2010 great choice of clip, it's virtually the same as the one I wore (twenties heirloom one with pearls in an antique gold colour) Gorgeous pic's love the one by the waterfall.
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