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How do I delete my YAYW account

I'm now married and dont come on here anymore. how do I delete my YAYW account but keep my BE one?


  • I am desperate to know this... Hearst Digital have seriously invaded my privacy and are pushing me to the edge with their crap "technology" image Think i'm going to just start deleting every post I ever made and see how far i get
  • Ditto, as my question was not answered over on baby expert. I would love to know how to delete this account
  • I'd like to know this too!
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    just checking if this is my old yyw account ..

    nope, it's my be account
  • hmmmmmm
  • also here just checking!

    Yup - this is BE too.

    best get off to check other sites as well!
  • Just checked in my profile and it's still showing my display name as Mrs Takers but not using it - what's the point in that?!
  • testing..
  • also testing
  • Also testing.
  • imageimageimageimageimage

    Up yours, nasty new website merge! All my love, Esmerelda Ballsack (as it now says in the top right when I log in) image xx
  • I do not get this! lol
  • Testing
  • stsarinastsarina Posts: 125
    Testing... image
  • love the name PTB!! x
  • ive never even used yayw!!!! love the new user name ptb.
  • Er, I have never been a member of this website & I got married nearly 4 years ago so y would I want to be part of it???? I want to be on be but not here. Want to know the answer pls.
  • test
  • Hi there,

    I am very sorry that some of you have experienced issues with your accounts.

    If you are unhappy with your automated screen name you can change this yourself in the following way:

    Visit the website and log in - you'll see your name displayed at the top right hand side, click on it and edit your settings. Once done remember to 'update' your profile at the bottom of the page.

    Should you wish to have your account totally deleted, email us with this request, but please be aware that once deleted, your account and every post made on the site in question will be erased permanently.

    Many thanks,

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