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Any other brides on here booked at Caverswall castle - think the venue is not going to be able to do weddings?


  • I've not booked there but have heard about the problems. Are you booked there? I know people are being told to speak to a lawyer if they are.
  • Hey is this the one at Stoke on Trent, if so whats the problem, my friend is booked there but have not heard anything bad. image
  • Hi, we are booked for july however contacted caverswall regarding the rumours and they have been extremely helpful in explaining the situation, as far as im aware all weddings that are currently booked will be going ahead.

  • Looked at caverswall castle myself for our wedding, the staff seem to say the right things but to be honest didnt believe a word they said and thank god. I know know of a couple of people supposed to be married there this year that are unable to, currently they have paid between 6,000-8,000 £ which the owner is refusing to reinburse.

    I believe they do not have an entertainment license, therefore are legally unable to old receptions there.

    Lucky escape for us and our wedding is due in afew short weeks
  • Who is advising people to speak to a solicitor?

    I am getting married there in August this year and have been advised by the staff at the castle that until the case is heard at the High Court (date not yet fixed but expected for end of this year), that all booked weddings will be honoured and that there will be no problems.
  • It was in the sentinel I think a few weeks ago. It's such a dodgy situation and not something you want to be stressing about when planning your wedding!

    Just be aware that obviously the staff at Caverswall are going to say positive things, might just be worth getting an independent opinion on it. Good luck x
  • I agree with Abbeylovescakes, speak to your insurer/lawer. It's a beautiful venue (I considered it but it was too big for me). Good luck in sorting it out x
  • Well Caverswell has now gone bust and lots of couples to lose their money. What a shame, but it had sounded pretty dodgy for a while!!!
  • We were going to book with Caverswall but they were VERY snotty to us on the phone so decided not to! So glad we didn't now!
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