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Seating plan at wedding reception

both H2B and myself do not want to have a seating plan at our wedding but future father in law and some friends said that it's better to have a seating plan. What do you think? Any ideas?


  • H2B and me don't want a seating plan either. We are hoping to marry later in the day and go straight in to buffet. I have never enjoyed formality so we want our celebration to be relaxed for everybody.
  • Are you having a sit down meal, or a buffet?

    I think they are a good idea at a sit down meal, but if you are going for a buffet one would be less expected.
  • We are planning a later ceremony and a buffet early evening time. I didn't want to do a seating plan but we are worried that if everyone sits where they like, there will be odd seats left at each table and people won't be able to sit where/with who they want?
  • nomi_1981nomi_1981 Posts: 120
    We're doing a seating plan as much as putting people on each table, but we are not assigning seats, so they get to choose where abouts on the table they sit, makes it a bit less formal - also saves money on place cards!!! but still stops the worry of having couples having to sit on separate tables!
  • Thanks for your comments. We are having a buffet meal and our wedding is late in the day. We want to reserve tables for our families but that's about it. I think if we do decide to do seating plan then we'll go for table setting and guests can decide where they want to sit at that table.
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