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Hair and make-up


Like everyone else I am sooo excited about my wedding which is next october and am totally obsessing about all the details.

I wondered how anyone who is using a hair and make up professional on their day is choosing them? Does anyone recommend any professionals that will come to your house in Kent??


  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    hello and welcome to the forum

    have a look in the 'hair and make-up' message board, you might want to re-post your question there
  • Thanks for helping a newbie Amanda :\)
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    My pleasure!

    I'm fairly new here too, but have to say, this site and especially the forum has been a godsend. I've found so many tips and got great help from the other users.

    Have got no work done in weeks, am completely addicted!
  • Hi

    Not exactly a recommendation but a useful site is it has a directory of make up artists & chat,tips etc.

    Hope that helps,

  • Hi this may not be much help at the moment but i can't the finer details. My cousin got married a few years ago, her make up lady was excellent managed to cover up a bridesmaids black eye and none of the gests noticed including me!!!

    I live in kent and so does she I'll see if I can get the details
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