Any diabetic brides or grooms?

Hi everyone, probably a bit of a random question. Just wandered if there are any other diabetics out there? I was diagnosed 17 years ago (have 4 injections a day) Just wandering how i'll get on the day of the wedding, prob won't be eating till 3, don't want to faint at the alter, ha!!

Louise x :\)


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    Hiya Louise, I'm not diabetic but my brother and sister both are (I guess I got lucky!!).

    I suppose you're going to have to have a designated bridesmaid to carry some glucose tablets for you for starters.

    Also if you had a word with your reception venue they could be onhand to whip you up a sarnie if needs be.

    I would also make sure you get a good breakfast with plenty of carbohydrate in to keep you going and you should be fine hun.

    Suppose you would just have to be careful if you drank alchohol because it would make your blood sugar shoot up and then plummet image !!

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  • Theres a point, i'll have to get pockets in the bridesmaids dresses for glucose tablets, ha!!

    I'm a nurse by trade so will be a bit bad if i do have a hypo on the day!!

    Bet i'm too nervous to eat a big breakfast, oh well i'm sure i'll manage somehow.

    It's strange your brother and sister have both got diabetes, you are the lucky one!!

    My cousin and aunty on my dads side are diabetics too, obviously runs in the family!

    Ta for the advice, Louise x
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    Yeah it is strange - my brother as 5 when he was diagnosed (he's now 13) and my sister was about 22 (and she's 27 now).

    Then again they're both ginger too (I'm a brunette) so I must have the ultra lucky gene eh ;\) ?

    Only joking lol image
  • My dad's diabetic has been since he was 21 so is his brother and so is my h2b dad so we have organised the times of the wedding so the wedding breakfast will be at lunch so it doesnt cause them any problems
  • Hi Lou83,

    You must have read my mind as i was going to post the same item. i have been diabetic since i was 11 and am now 27 (will be 29 when we get married). Also my dad who is giving me away is diabetic 2 so i have double trouble. we are getting married at 1:30 so will probably be eating at bout 3:30 and i know we will both be so nervous that we wont want to eat much before. Thought that we will both halve the amount of insulin we usually have at both breakfast and lunch and make sure we both drink plenty of fruit juice even if we cant eat. I am going to make sure my mum has a bottle of coke or lemonade in her bag incase either of us needs a quick fix!!! Also i am going to have a chat with the diabetic nurse at my next appointment in April and see what she can suggest. I am sure that as its just one day we will be ok to let our blood suger run a bit higher then usual just to prevent any Hypos in church!!!

    When are you getting married?

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    my dads diabettic and was diagnosed about 6 years ago. no one else in family is so don't believe that it runs in the family, he's 45. have had to consider his mealtimes in the planning but he is on a new routine where he injects when he eats, the amount of insulin he needs to balance out the meal which means he can eat what he wants, when he wants within great for him
  • Hi Hayley, I'll be getting married when i'm 25. Date of wedding 31/05/08. How about you?

    I Live in Shrewsbury, Shropshire (from North Lincolnshire though which is where all of my family/friends live).

    Where abouts are you from? I think i won't be eating till 3ish, just have to have less insulin than usual.

    Do you cope with your diabetes ok? I'm not too bad, it can be a pain in the backside at times though!

    How often do you have insulin? Because i was diagnosed at 6 i can't really remember not being diabetic which is probably a good thing.

    The reason i went on to train to be a nurse was because i spent a lot of time at hospital as a kid.

    God i'm rambeling on a bit now!! I'm sure we'll be fine on the day anyway. Nice to have someone to talk to in the same situation.

    Louise x
  • Hey louise,

    Iam,or should i say we are, getting married on 26/07/2008 so not long after you!!

    We live in a little village in Kenr called Iwade which is about 20 minutes from Maidstone.

    Ive already decided that i will have a blueberry muffin for breakfast on my wedding day, very unhealthy but should keep me going until the wedding breakfast and i should be able to keep it down when the nerves really kick in!!!

    I like you inject 4 times a day and i know what you mean about feeling like you have always had it. as i said i was 11 but grew up with my dad and uncle (oh yes its a family thing!!!) always having injection etc so when i was diagnosed it wasnt really a big deal. I guess you could say that i have never been an angel with my diabetes, dont get me wrong ive always done my insulin and kept my appointments etc. but i decided from the start the the diabetes would have to fit in to my lifestyle and i wouldnt be ruled by it!!!.

    Recently i have had a problem with my eyes - diabetic retinopathy- which is more common in older diabetics. Anyhow had 5 months of lazer treatment which made the retinopathy inactivebut caused lots of scaring on my eyes so in September i had my first Vitrectomy and delamination up at St thomas's in London. When they operated they found my Macular and Fovea had all moved around so it turned into a 4 hour op!!! Saw consultant last week and he is very pleased so am having op on my other eye in january and that should be the end of it!!! I have been off work since January so am very frustrated and not being allowed to drive doesnt help but fingers crossed I will be back driving and at work by March. Yay!!!!

    God i am rambelling now.... Anyhow keep in touch and let me know how the plans are coming along.


    Hayley xx
  • Ouch, those eye ops sound painful!! God your braver than me. Eyes gross me out, not sure why. Doctors are obsessed with eys and feet arn't they!!

    I'm kinda like you, if i fancy a chocolate bar i'll just have more insulin, if you deprive yourself of certain things you would go mad!!

    I also drink like a fish on a night out, only go out about twice a month though!! Used to drink a lot more when i was 18, 19 but calmed down now.

    What do you do for work? Hope you get back there soon.

    Is your h2b good with your diabetes? Marks pretty good, always stocks up on the lucozade when he goes shopping, ha!

    The thing that worries me now is that i want to start a family a year or so after the wedding, worried my diabetes will cause problems. Have already been told i will have to be induced cos diabetics usually have big babies (a source of ammusement to my friends!!)

    I'm a worrier though so that dosen't help matters! A muffin sounds like a good idea for breakfast, i'll have to let you know how my day goes! Good luck with the planning anyway.

    Louise x
  • Hi Lou,

    We sound so similar!! :\)

    The ops are not too bad really, the worst bit is having to keep going to London to the Hospital.

    I work as a VAT Officer, oh yes the dreaded VAT man or Lady should i say!! Anyhow we are not as bad as people think hehe. i cant wait to get back, by the time i return i will have been off for 15 months so i am going to find it hard going at first. I work with all men so i will bore them all silly with wedding talk ive no doubt.

    Vaughn, my H2b, is very good with my diabetes bless him. If i wake up in the night and am a bit low then he trots downstairs to get me some orange juice and a biscuit!! I cant stand the dextrose tablets so that is my substitute!!

    As for having babies i cant wait. Asked my diabetic specialist and he said that blood sugar control had to be really good when trying to conceive otherwise baby may be born with problems. he also said diabetic mums usually have a c section because of the size of the babies!!! H2B wanted lots of kids but i think they limit you to just 2 by c section!!! I was given the go ahead to start trying but then eye consultant said i needed the ops and he said i couldnt get pregnant until after treatment had finished by which time the wedding will be to close. Vaughn was gutted but we are going to start trying again a few months before wedding!!! Try not to worry about it too much i think that things have improved so much recently for diabetics and pregnancy! I am going to look into having the placenta and umbilical cord frozen incase any of my children get diabetes ( i am sure by then they will be able to use the stem cells from these to grow cells to make the pancreas work again). image

    What type of nursing do you do?

    Take care

  • Hi again Hayley, day off work today so i'm back!!

    I only qualified as a nurse in September (trained at Nottingham) I work at a nursing home just down the road.

    Ideally want to work on a medical or surgical ward at a hospital. Have probably seen on the news most hospitals are in debt so means there arn't any jobs going at the mo.

    A lot of friends i trained with still haven't got jobs, bit of a nightmare really after 3 years of training!!

    I hate those dextrose tablets too!! Are foul!! Its so annoying that i have to constantly carry lucozade, chocolate etc around with me everywhere i go!!

    Even walking the dog involves me carting a big bag around with me!!

    I think me and mark will probably start trying for a baby quite soon after the wedding. You'll have to keep me posted on that topic!!

    Do you have a honeymoon destination sorted yet? We have finally decided on the Maldives - yay!


  • The maldives sounds lovely!! We are still trying to decide where to go, there are just so many beautiful places we cant decide.

    We got engaged on Safari this Augustm i had always said that i wanted to do Safari for my honeymoon but now we have done that im just not sure. Still we have got enough time to decide...

    I know what you mean about carrying emergency supplies with you...just not easy when the fashion at the mo is tiny bags!!! I manage to keep a bar of chocolate in my glasses case, its a bit squashed but hey it will do in an emergency.

    H2B came home early today as he wasnt well just been to the Dr and he has a middle ear infection!!! Feel a bit guilty now as i kept moaning at him yesterday for moping around. Have made up for it by cooking him a curry for dinner so i think i am forgiven!!!!

    Def keep me posted on the baby front. Its strange i never thought i would get broody infact up until i met H2B i never wanted children, now i just cant wait.

    Hope you have had a hgood ady off

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