pregnant BM

anyone having pregnant BMs in the wedding?

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  • I'm not but hoping that my BM hasn't been trying to get pregnant (she is a newlywed!)
  • Hi,

    I am getting married next October and my BM is also trying to get pregnant. I am planning on getting the dress as late as possible as am only having 2 BM and both adults I am hoping should be easy to get and could get an evening dress kind of thing from Monsoon or something if too late to order bridesmaid dress which not sure if would look good on a heavily pregnant lady!
  • I am getting married next June and my BM will also start trying in 07 but I have brought her dress regardless :0 - it was to gorgeous not buy - I found it in phase 8 - its really fitted at the top but flares over the stomach so hopefully it will still fit if she does get pregnant???
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