To....London ....And Back....

Dear all...

I'm back from London! It has been a great trip staying with two friends, getting spolit by free accommodation, food and all.........heaps of fun shopping, heaps of pollutions in London, heaps of people everywhere......hate the tube....too much walking from platform to platform....hate the people; too crowded.....reminds me to Singapore.......strange how when you do a short weekend shopping trip....there's so much to complain about. The last time when h2b and me went 3 years ago, it's more of a cultural trips to museums etc.....and i dont find myself complaining about the tube.....or crowd.....but then again, we skipped all the shopping except for Harrods.....Anyway.....

Special thanks to two different person who have given me directions to V.V. Rouleaux and M&S which were where I've popped by and did heaps of shopping. And I've popped in and out of some of the other shopping advices but sad to say, didnt get much out of it. Been spending alot of money on non bridal shopping aka DVDs at Virgins store....oooppsss....more of a Christmas shopping.....this trip.

I'll be back in London....hopefully SOON.....miss my friends already.....

PS: And i've eaten KFC....yippy!!!! Missed it so much......!!!!!!

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  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    Hi Lime, Its been ages since I last saw one of your posts! So you've been to London? I'm not too keen either, I live in Epsom- Surrey so quite close to London but only go when I need too! I went wedding dress shopping yesterday and think I found 'the one'! Hope you dont miss your friends too much! I love KFC too- its so yummy! Good to talk again. image

    Deb xxx
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    you went to Rouleaux? Did you find the satin ribbon you were after?

    I love that shop, can easily get very carried away in there.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip despite hating the people (some of us Londoners are nice, you know!) image

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  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    welcome back xxxx
  • eeping76eeping76 Posts: 927
    hi deb....yes, been a long time....great to take some time off work....kfc....great it!!!!

    oh no, i dont hate the people, AmandaCS...sorry.....hahah, just the crowd....i'm not a city girl you see...

    and yes, i've been to vv rouleaux.....started on the wrong end of N.Carvendish street. so i had to carry about 5kg (mainly dvds...) of shopping searching for that store. yeap....i have got heaps of satin ribbons image for the wedding dress and place card....guessed that's one of the most expensive purchases i've made this weekend

    tks wife2b....i'm back....hahaha to reality image got to get back to work tomorrow.

    but london is warm compare to oslo....i got so sweaty....maybe from all the walking insearch of shops..... image

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