Gretna Green

Hi guys, Thanks for all the advise I have receivd from different topics in the forums about getting married abroad but once again we have changed our minds!!!

We really want to get married so that is not the problem it is just money as my partner has just lost his job. Hopefully not for long as he works on the railways so there is plenty of work out there!

Anyhow we have now decided to look at getting married in gretna green, i have been looking on sites and they seem fab. The costs are good aswell, just need to ensure i can get the date now though. Anyone else have any advice for me or just tell me what you think, I dont get musch support from my family as they think I can do better, just want someone to be excited for me



  • Lisajane I am so excited for you chick, we are also getting married at gretna green in 11 days, at the world famous old blacksmiths in the original anvil room which is beautiful. we went up to take a look at everything and the ppl there are sooooo nice very kind. we are staying in the hotel across from where we get married but it is quite alot of money per night however there is a bb just 2 mins up the road which is £45 a night if you want any details about this or anything else drop me a line my email is

    [email protected]

    hope this helps?

    sweet rose. x :\)
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    I've stayed at Smiths hotel in Gretna and despite the exterior not looking very enticing, is really lovely inside. The bedrooms are excellent and the bathrooms good - even down to little things like good quality toilet paper.
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