Pamper Party

I'm hiring a cottage for my hen do and I wanted to organise some treatments for the Saturday afternoon. There are two companies that I can find on the web that seem to cater for this 'mypamperparty' and 'thepamperparty'. I haven't heard of either of them. Has anyone used either of these companies or got any other recommendations for anywhere around Uppingham, Leicestershire.



  • -kia--kia- Posts: 745
    You could try mary kay.

    I had a mary kay rep do a pamper party for us as a trial for wedding make up - to make sure we weren't allergic to anything, although she was selling stuff I made it clear that it was no obligation buying and she didn't charge us. the stuff she was selling was expensive though.

    I'm in the north west but from what she was saying they have reps everywhere
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