Sorry this has`nt got nothing to do with weddings?!

Just wanting to see what your views are???

H2b and i own a Hair Salon, and we were thinking of holding a

Ann Summers Party,also a VIRGIN VIE Party(without the male stylists present of course!)

If your Hairdresser invited you,would you come along?

I was thinking of clients,not coming as we will know what they have bought ect.....image


would you come and have abit of fun!!!image


Jo x


  • Hi Jo,

    i suppose it would depend on how well you know your customers and the style of your salon! The salon i go to is very informal and relaxed and the girls are a great laugh- if they had one i might go - with a friend! If i wasnt a long standing regular i probably wouldnt feel comfortable enough to go.

    Thats not really helpful - sorry!!!
  • I would, those parties are always fun
  • jemmajemjemmajem Posts: 1,439
    I know a few people who'd have to think about the ann summers party, but i imagine plenty would go to the virgin vie party! i went to one recently which was alright, but my friend and i were the youngest there by at least 20 years!! it would've been much more fun if we'd been with younger girls, but i still got some fabulous bath and body bits to chill me out
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    Thanks girls!!

    I must`ve wrote virgin vie + ann summers as to combine the parties lol

    no, seperate nights!

    We have a young trendy salon,but do have ` the mature clientel` aswell lol!

    Most of the clients are relaxed and know how to have a laugh....

    im going to print out a survey and see if they would attend parties in the future,and see what i get back....

    Thanks girls

    You never know,you might get invited lol!

    Jo x
  • You wouldn't know what people order as they seal the bags and orders are given to the Ann Summers person not the hostess.
  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    I think I would probably be veering towards Virgin Vie parties more - that way you don't alienate any clientele and it's also related to your line of business.

    Have you heard of jewellry parties too? I can't remember the brand name but I know there are a couple of jewellry retailers who do those style of parties, which would be something different again.

    I would probably go to an Ann Summers party or Virgin Vie other at my salon. Especially if they were laying on a free glass of bubbly image hint hint ;\)
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