I have a fabulous Mum and great friends!!! Yay!!

For the last couple of months, everything to do with the wedding was getting me down (hence I have avoided all other forums except General Chat but will be back soon!!). It came to a head couple of weeks ago when we even considered just cancelling everything and either just living together or going off on our own to a registry office (which neither of us wanted). It was getting really stressful and all boiled down to money and was very depressing.

Then - my mum informed us last weekend that she is paying for the breakfast and evening reception. A huge and lovely surprise! Takes a huge burden off us as this was half our budget!!

AND THEN - one of the Sales Managers at work gave us the use of his apartment in Gran Canaria for week as a wedding present!!!

Within a few days we suddenly had the wedding we want and a honeymoon!!!

We're so lucky and I still can't believe it!!

YAY!! :\):\):\):\):\):\)


  • claretweezeclaretweeze Posts: 1,613
    Really happy for you sweety xx
  • thanks Claret!

    we still need to watch our budget (downside to marrying an ex-accountant is he counts every penny)

    still love ya Mr SB (in case he reads this!)
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    great news i'm glad it's ok for you there's nothing worse being on a downer for the wedding xxx
  • *does the happy dance*


    I'm so pleased fo you sweetie pie - and for Mr SB

    *happy dance happy dance*

    Love you lots

    Mrs P

  • *Joins in the happy dance*

    That's great news!
  • Thanks guys!

    Honestly - its such a relief!

    Plus - I get my honeymoon in a hot sunny place near a beach and pool! (Sorry MrSB!!)
  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    Mrs Penguin-can you teach us the happy dance?

    Very happy for you Saint-Bertie!
  • YAY! That's excellent news! Have fun back on the wedding wagon!
  • Welcome back to the Wedding Circus Mrs SB - glad you've got things sorted you lucky lady (and gent Mr SB)
  • SO very happy for you Mrs SB - you really are a lucky girl! My parents are paying for our band which is ???????4000 (approx. 2500 in real money) so I'm lucky too - oh and i only have to wait until january to say i'm getting married next year - YAY!!!!! xx
  • know what you mean munchkin! I only have 249 days left lol

    I would guess the happy dance is bit like the dance Happy Feet does!! lol
  • the happy dance is dancing like no-one is watching you and involves being happy. Other than that there are no set moves....go for it!! (although mine usually has some form of silly arm movements)

    (happy dance lalalala happy dance lalalala)

  • jilly72jilly72 Posts: 274
    congrats thats great for you both Mrs SB Thats some great pressies

    Will do by happy dance for you too with Mrs P (mine involves some arm waving and making bunny ears!image)

    look forward to your post on other pages soon

  • my happy dance is bit like Phoebe running in Friends lol
  • webeditor01webeditor01 Posts: 1,514
    lol SB, I now have visions of various liquorice allsorts flying around Central Park image Good to have you back tho, been wondering where you'd got to!

  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    Made up for you Saint Bertie, I really am. Thats great news!

    Glad your back as well! It funny how you begin to recgonise people on here and miss them when they have not been on for a while!

    Catherine x
  • awwwwwwwww nice to be missed - but i'm back for least 248 days (get married on the 249th! lol)

    mind you - had a huge row with Mum today about booking hotel rooms for guests and she's now paying attention to the wedding - for every silver lining....... image
  • KTQ01KTQ01 Posts: 105
    Really happy for you pet

    Your mums support means a lot, though i think a few rows are a given!

    In my case a whole bl***y load of rows as my mum didn't have a big wedding and doesn't seem to think i should either and along with money shortage we are paying for it, though in terms of my hen this weekend, just enjoying it would be all i ask for you know?

    Took he women in my dress shop to hug me when i tried on my dress, just a 'yeh its nice' from my mum...but hey!

    Hope you get hotel room issues sorted, it is a really brain busting thing hey!
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