Hen Nights in Birmingham


Am thinking of a wild weekend in Birmingham for my last night of freedom - was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations of good restaurants/pubs/clubs?

Am quite into 70's/ 80's cheesy tunes if that helps!

Mrs Stevens 2 b


  • Hi Wild1

    I went on a hen night in Brum back in May - after a meal and drinks in ipanema, we went to Reflex. This is very much an 80's club. very cheesey. There are podiums and poles and you can make a proper show of yourself (as I did). Is Flares still on Broad Street??? It's been ages since I last went so it might not even be there, but that was also a proper cheesey 70's/80's night out.

    I had my hen night in Birmingham last Saturday. (I didn't want anything too wild!) We went to the Glee Club. It was a really good night, and after the comedy was over, they pushed the tables back for a bit of a cheesey disco!

    We were going to go for a meal etc.. but I just couldn't decide where to go!

    Nat x
  • claretweezeclaretweeze Posts: 1,613
    If you want cheese then Flares on broad street, I think its still there! Are you all going to dress up?
  • Not sure about the dressing up - the finer details are all in the hands of my little sis, aka chief bridesmaid!! Am quite used to looking a bit daft after many a night at Love Train (in Manchester!) - maybe!! Will be end of May so maybe even warm enough for Hotpants!!

    Wild 1
  • yep flares is still three xx
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