Sensitive eyes


I have really sensitive eyes, I find it impossible to not wear sunglasses even on a winter day!

I am so worried about my weddin day - I don't want to be a bride in sunglasses (we r getting married in June next year)

I have asked my optician but they couldn't recommend anything...




  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627
    Hi, You poor thing sounds awful!!

    I take it you've been to see the doctor? Doesnt sound right that your eyes are that sensitive all the time!! My eyes get like that on start of a migraine.

    Strange that your optician cnt help, even if he sugguests going to see your doc!

    Hope you get it sorted xx
  • You would of thought in this day and age they would have some kind of lense that would keep out bright light. almost like cars with blacked out windows - people can see out but others cant see in.

    Good luck.
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