Is anyone watching 10 Years Younger?

God I'd love to have a stylist dress me, and new teeth and surgery all free of charge. Not sure I would want to bare it all on tv though.


  • She is so adorable though!
  • that lady looks so different!
  • How old was she? i only caught 5 mins then missed the end!!
  • Hi

    I think she was 54!! but not 2 sure

    she looks great.

  • Just saw the second half of it. Couldn't believe the transformation.

    The teeth implants looked painful though.
  • did any of you see the secret millionare? What a beautiful idea for a programme - a millionarre went undercover to find out who actually needed money in a disadvantaged neighbourhood. it was so lovely, and the people who got the money were so unbelievably happy and shocked and grateful - it was something beyond their wildest dreams! and one lots of people got money so they could get married after 27 years of being together!!
  • She was 56 and looks absolutely fab now. Loved the Secret Millionaire too Random Bunny - it made me cry - and he must be the most eligible batchelor in britain now!
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