Cute & quirky or OCD

Similar to annoying habits, do you and h2b have any weird quirks? Are they Cute and funny or bordering insanity? I can't eat upside down food! (no idea why, can't) Eg: Cheese burger must be eaten with cheese on top. H2b has to have all light switches in sync even if it means climbing stairs in the dark. We tease each other about it, he makes a point to eat upside down food, I love messing up light switches! Made for each other or maybe just the looney bin!


  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664

    when i tidy the living room on a morning and arrange the cushions on the sofa i hate people sitting on it!! the cushions have to be straight. sitting on the sofa at night is ok but not in the day!

    im also always straightning the duvet on the bed.

    am i obsessed with creases??????


  • My H2B cannot have digital displays on odd numbers, they have to be even. e.g. climate control in car can be on 20 deg or 22 deg but NEVER 21 and same with the volume control on the stereo.

    I love tomatoes, but can't stand them when they are cut into wedges.

    Everyone has their little quirks, I guess knowing them about your other half is what makes them yours. Ahhh xxx
  • I've got a thing about buying clothes other people have already tried on........

    Wonky curtains

    Oh, i also have a strange shopping trolley obsession - everything has to be just so, in neat little organised piles (fridge/freezzer/cupboard - fruit&veg/meat/toilitories/cleaning)

    H2b thinks i'm mad (but cute).

  • Not sure if this is that strange i bet theirs loads of girls out there who do this.

    I like to coordinate my outfits. Like if i wear a read top i wear my red trainers, red belt, red undies and my red handbag.

    H2b thinks it's hilarious but i feel really odd out and about if i don't match.
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    Im similar with the shopping but only wen it is being packed into the bags! Freezer stuff in 1 bag, fruit/veg in another, bathroom in anothr etc! Think I got it from my mum! When I was younger we all used to get a part of the house to pack the shopping!
  • gucci girl - i am the same as your H2B, i hate odd numbers on displays and would always choose an even number for volume, temperature etc!

    i had never really thought about this before now, but i have suddenly realised that it's a bit funny!!

  • I am completely OCD! I cannot have certain foods on the plate with eachother - it's just wrong. vegetables in sandwiches is wrong as is meat on pizzas. I have to keep everthing at right angles, including my car! If I am not perfectly within the space I have to re-park.

    There are so many more examples. I live with it but I get really panicky if something isn't as it is supposed to be!

    H2B says this amuses him but it must get annoying!
  • rllowrllow Posts: 336
    I won't get out of bed unless the minutes are to the nearest 10 i.e won't get out of bed at 7.34 (even if I should have been up ages ago). I wait until 7.40.

    Also I hate going backwards in a journey. For instance I live really near a bus stop but it's 5m or so further down the road (in the opposite direction to the way the bus will be going. I therefore walk 100m up the road in the same way that the bus will be travelling!
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    I have loads - H2B has none! I am well weird. Mine are

    The duvet on the bed has at all times, even when we are sleeping under it, got to be straight. I hate the duvet creasing so that it creates hot pockets or it being on the squ-iff so that it isn't straight. I get up in the night to straighten it and then go back into bed.

    The cushions on the sofa have to be aligned properly at all times, so that they look like squares not diamonds.

    I have to eat food on my plate in a certain order. meat first then veg. And if there is more than one veg, potates have to be eaten first. And I always finish one food before starting another i.e. finish all meat, then finish all potatoes then move onto the next thing.

    I must write all of my Christmas cards before the start of December.

    Yep - well weird!

  • claretweezeclaretweeze Posts: 1,613
    Just thought of another one. I always have to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. Not just at home in hotels etc! Its nice to know I'm not alone with my quirks!
  • I do the shopping thing, and the sleeping by the door (but that's cos I'm blind and get bruises if I have to walk round a bed).

    My weird thing is more a compulsion than an obsession. When I drive I check my handbrake to check that it's off every couple of minutes (even though I know it's off). When I check it I get a real compulsion to pull it on, which is obviously extremely dangerous and I have to force myself not to!!!

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    I have a rotational washing line and I have to sort my clothes out when hanging - one side for baby and towels, one side for me and one side for h2b. If there are too many of my clothes to go on and say, gaps on h2b's side I bring them in rather than squishing them on together.

    I also have to have all my clothes pointing in the same directing. You know, like when you hang boxers out, so all the elastic points in the same direction, etc and all socks go on togther (on thr right side of course).

    When h2b dares to help me I chase him round, rehanging everything because I just can't bear it!!

    H2b has loads of weird quirks, mainly relating to food. He won't eat certain food combos - like mash potato and beans, or fish, chips and peas. It's all very odd. He also won't sleep if the duvet goes the wrong way - the buttons HAVE to be on the bottom. I often wake up and find him pulling it round, no matter what time it is image

    I'm sure I can think of loads more - I've gone a bit mad since having my little girl image
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    Ha ha you girls are mad!!! But in a cute way ;\)

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