OT - Car Tax!!!

Man I'm so annoyed!

Went to the PO at lunchtime, 12.25pm, only to discover my car insurance expired at NOON!!!

I know it's my own fault for leaving things so late, but I'm so MAD - at myself for being disorganised with everything (EXCEPT the wedding!), I'm mad at the government for forcing us to trek to the bloomin post office and I'm mad at my insurer for not adding my details online so I could have bought my tax online!!!





  • Hi Joo,

    I thought it would've run out at midnight tonight and I'm sure probably a lot people will think that too!

    I'd better keep that in mind!

    Did you have to declare it as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification - I think?) for the 25 mins?! What a joke!

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