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Berketex - causing me stress...

My advice to all brides to be is - think twice about ordering your dress from Berketex Bride. (or give them a false wedding date) I read the reviews on this site at the beginning of the year and didn't take much notice. I spent time at lots of other wonderful shops and tried on many dresses. However, I impulse ordered a dress from Berketex as I was getting a bit tired of looking! They assured me that my gown would arrive at least a month before the wedding. Last week I had an e-mail from You and Your wedding which said that with four weeks to go and the final fitting complete I should be relaxing before the day! However, my dress had not arrived in store. Following several converstations with Berketex they have found my gown (!) and I arranged a fitting for the end of this week. But I have just had a phone call to say the appointment is not convenient and could I rearrange????????????? They said my dress was an 'emergency' so they would try and fit me in next week!!!!!!

STRESS that I could do without!

PS. The sales assistant who helped me to pick out my gown is lovely!


  • clareshaunclareshaun Posts: 699
    what berketex did you get your dress from?

  • nicolamc83nicolamc83 Posts: 339
    Sorry to hear that. I used Liverpool Berketex and ordered my dress Mori Lee 2056 this time last year and get married in less than 6 weeks now and they rang last week to say my gown is on. I have my fitting in 2 weeks (my choice). They were lovely through the whole procedure even tho i call in evry time im in town to get measured just in case haha

    Nicola x
  • clareshaunclareshaun Posts: 699
    im also getting my dress from the liverpool shop and they are fantastic, ive also ordered my bridesmaid dresses from there aswell.

  •   This "company" is supplying brides to be with fake designers weddig dresses made in China( u can always check the label inside or quiz the consultant anbout dress origins). The so called exclusive designers making dresses espaecially for berketex- don't exist!!! It's a big scam!!! You can buy those dresses for £150-£250 from online stores.                                                                                                                 Consultants are rude and pushy becouse they are trained by area manager( london based) to follow the script and sell you anything. They don't care about happy customers, good feedback or future compliments, it's a money making machine. Imgine dress that is sold for £1400 and for them it's £35!!! ONLY FEW INTERNATIONAL DESIGNERS COOPORATE WITH THIS BRAND: Ronald Joyce, Augusta Jones, Pronovias but be aware, they would not give you real name or dress number. Always take a picture and you can find the same dress under other designers name in another shop!!!

    The alteration costs are another way to rip us off as they tend to order the dress size or two bigger than the real messuments so they know they have exta money from you.

    Shop around, check which designer you like, google the name and phone shops within the distance you are prepared to travel and for sure you will find other places much cheaper and with better customer service. I found designer that was supplied by berketex and almost have put down the deposit. Luckyly I have phoned a local boutique and have saved wooping £600 on the same gown!!!

    If after all that you decide to order any dresss from them, always ask for min 35% discount as in quiet periods is what they offer anyway. Be pushy and persuasive like them.

    Hope it can help few of you to make up yor mind...Good luck

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