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What did everyone get for xmas !!!

Well Xmas is nearly over image ...

Hope you all got loads of nice presents ..I got a gorgeous dressing gown, Victoria Beckhams new book, 2 new hairdryers and a ton of other stuff ..

What did everyone else get !!


  • I got nothing!

    There was nothing i needed and they kept asking me what i wanted.
  • Hi Everyone

    Hope you all had a nice xmas.

    H2b bough me some ghd hair straightners, some Mop organic hair products, a radley bag and a book.

    I asked him not to buy me any choccies as on a diet/excercise regime when I return to work on Wednesday as getting in shape for the big day (hopefully)

  • brentuk1brentuk1 Posts: 3,071
    Hi there

    I got a new mobile phone and Sat Nav for my car off my lovely H2B.

    The Take That DVD from my friend which is great to watch after being at the actual concert - also watched it while H2B was in bed as he has got a cold coming on and didn't look to good.

    Bless Him



  • Hi I did really well too!

    I got a gorgeous bracelet and a necklace from H2b amongst all the little things that he got me!

    I got some slippers, smellies, 2 handbags, pyjamas etc...

    Hope you are all having a great time x
  • I got Pearls to wear on my wedding Day.... Huge Suitcase, to fit both mine and my H2B's stuff in for honeymoon.. lots of stuff for th house we will soon have to buy.... and loads more!!!

    Very Spoilt.

    Coops to be.xx
  • well my hubby got me a beautiful eternity ring, braclet ans matching chain, a locket on a chain, 3 books and loads of of other stuff, i also got 6 tuskers which i collect they are lovely and my sister has adopted an elephant for me loll oh sweet. got loads of chocolate's oh and 3 bottle's of bailey's. having a day in today just the two of us!

    sweet rose. xxx
  • Mine's a bit cheesy - sorry.

    I got my fiance - we've been apart for most of the year, he started a new job in Norway, and I had to stay in the UK to finish our house off so we can rent it out so we can come back to it if necessary.

    It has been soooo lovely spending quality time with him - I moved over on the 12th Dec and it has been great. :\)

    We even managed to cobble together a proper English Xmas dinner lol, as well as trying the Norwegian one the night before...need wheelbarrow now as sooo full.


    Hope you all have great rest of holiday xxx
  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358
    I didn't think my H2B had got me anything for xmas, which I was quite unhappy about as I thought he wasn't bothered enough about me:\( while I spent an age going round the shops for him.

    Christmas eve he kept on laughing at me and I didn't know why for ages. He'd stuck my present in the Christmas tree and I never noticed.

    It was the prettist diamond pendant!!:\)

    H2B said he got it for me to wear on the wedding. I love him loads!!!! I can't wait to get married to him!!!

  • hi we had a great christmas too. Currently on the 3rd day of icelandic christmas celebrations!!! so stuff with smoked meat!!! put on a few pounds already!!!!

    Very excited my mum comes over for a week tomorrow haven't seen her for 3 months!!

    I got pjs!! a hat a 2 sweaters!!! but did really well as i like them all!!!
  • bubbleykbubbleyk Posts: 131
    hi i got nuthink from h2b as i sed did not want anythink but what i wanted was for him to think about what i need or wanted and buy it with out me saying thats what i want and he gives me the money to get it so i got nuthink from anyone haw sad is my family
  • jami_phyjami_phy Posts: 419
    I got a really cute, hot pink ipod nano from h2b ... but can't use it! Our computer is SOO old & antiquated that it can't cope with the installing it. Hmph! We're going to add some software to the -puter so I can use the ipod. I just want that to happen now so that I can play with my new toy! image

    Also, another great Xmas pressie - we're due to buy a puppy in the new year and the gorgeous Australian Shepherd that was due to have the puppies (originally due on 28th December) had them on Christmas Day. Can't wait to get our puppy!! Got to wait until end of February though.

    All this having to wait for pressies, its just not on! Ha ha! image
  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    Awww, Jami!! If it makes you feel any better, h2b and I are having to wait for our present to each other as well - we wanted to buy a Nintendo Wii but you can't get one anywhere!! Oh well...something to look forward to, at least!!
  • Hi everyone. I got a pair of pink Hunter wellies for sloshing about our farm in!!!
  • KTQ01KTQ01 Posts: 105
    I got a gorgeuos hold all bag, the girls version of the one my H2B has got so that we can have matching luggage!?

    My son got me a princess purse he chose himself as he says i am going to be a princess when i get married...awe! had a wee cry.

    Irish K you just remined me i need to get wellies for my photos as is garanteed to be muddy...don't know which ones to get though!?
  • I got a spa day at a beautiful health club from my H2B. I get loads of treatments on the day and get to use the facilities and classes - just what I need right now! :\)

    Also got a print by one of my fav artists, books, Le Creuset pots, chocolate, Molton Brown bits - things which I ask for every year!
  • I did well too. It was my 30th birthday on Christmas Eve and i got a lovely necklace of h2b and an ipod nano of my brothers and my sister, perfume, make-up, pj's and a spa day off my lovely BM's booked for the week before the wedding. Then for Christmas more perfume. Some new hair straighteners, more perfume and make-up, books, CDs, chocolates (which i've just had for my breakfast!).
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    I got pjs, a silk wrap, a watch, the tanya ramsey cook book, scraf, underwear and a book. I did very well considering we set a limit on what we were spending and I was so happy as we had a lovely breakfast with bucks fizz while opening our presents.

    Also had a brilliant christmas day with h2b, my dad and step mum and brother and his girlfriend and not one arguement which is a first when we spend any length of time together and there is alcohol flowing freely! before that we went to his parents house to see them and his sister and our little niece who is only two months and I helped to bath her and then dress her which I was made up about!

    All in all I would say it was the best christmas I have had with h2b so far and I can't wait for the next one when we will be husband and wife!
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Hi Calopa,

    where have you been?hope your well ?

    tryed to email you but its not working!

    I got pjs, socks,a beautiful cake knife set in mother of pearl for the wedding, yea!

    how to be a goddess book, which is great, well worth a read girls.

    money, need new clothes nothing fits at the moment, well it might do know actually after eating my body weight in mince pies and chocolates.

    abercrombe and fitch tshirt from new york.

    loads of smellys, lovely.

    im most chuffed with a pair of flip flops my friend got me, they have

    "just married" on the bottoms, i cant wait for the honeymon now !

    hope everyone had a good time, best wishes for the coming year x
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    got chocolates, a cd, a book token, and TWO boxes from lush (yay) from h2b's family.

    not opened others yet!!

    we went up to h2b's parents on xmas eve, and as we got the train we left our presents here.

    got back this mornng (up at 5.45 to catch train so h2b could be at work (uurrgghh)).

    so we're opening them, and having 'our' christmas tonight.
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    Hi angel4 - I am good thanks. I have tried emailing you in the past as well and it didn't work! I wonder why as someone else from here as managed to email me I persume using the email button! H2B is taking me out for a meal on Saturday evening. I have dropped some major hints about the green bengal on your recommendation! I hope he has listened to me!

    Your cake knife sounds lovely - is your cake doing ok?

    [Modified by: Calopa on December 27, 2006 03:32 PM]
  • I got a lovely necklace from H2B as well as perfume and a few C.D's. Spent Christmas day with his family who gave us a generous cheque and both is brothers gave us debenhams vouchers which will come in very handy I'm sure.

    Going home to see my family tomorrow so I'll have plenty more pressies to open then thankfully. I've just finished doing my christmas shopping for the folks in the sales, got some graet bargains,

    Vee xxx
  • Well, my best present by far was my sister making it home for Christmas. She was supposed to fly in from Thursday but they had a major blizzard in Colorado (where she lives), resulting in a state of emergency and all the airports being closed. After much drama she managed to make it home for 10 pm Christmas eve and had to leave again at 8 am yesterday morning. But even with such a flying visit she took the time to help me sort out her bridesmaid's dress and jewelry. Bless her!

    Also got a gorgeous full-length black cashmere coat with a wonderfully Edwardian collar (very unusual) from my dad and lovely warm black wool turtleneck from H2B. And two books that I had asked for. And a new garlic press and cheese grater (after I broke ours this past year). And a lunch box and three (count 'em!) thermoses so I don't have to carry my lunch to work in a plastic bag any more. Yes, it was a good Christmas!
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Oh yum, Green bengal do it he will love it.

    Cake is fine ta all wrapped up and in the spare room maturing, going to feed it again this week,need to buy more brandy though.

    The knife is from that shop on blackburn road opp asda, insparation i think its called, they have some lovley weddingy bits in there, defo worth a look.

    so how are plans going then?
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    They have slowed down a bit to be honest what with Christmas and everything. I have booked the photographer. Ended up going with Craig from Southgrove - thanks for the tip ages ago.

    I think I may of a nosy in the shop on blackburn road in the next few days. I am off work until 3rd Jan and H2B is back at work. I made h2b get my wedding box out last night and I intend to start going through it tomorrow and get the plans back on track. I am going to the wedding fair at the last drop on the 7th January so may get a few more local ideas.

    Wonder why it wouldn't let us email each other - how strange. How are your plans going. Its not long for you now is it! How exciting
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    hi calopa,

    like you my plans went on hold for xmas,but back on track now, going to get the rest of my table decs 2morrow, hopefully they will be in the sale at bents in leigh.

    So glad youve gone for craig, i think hes going to be great, i like him coz hes down to earth!

    have you booked you DJ?

    im on 128days eekk, loads still 2 do and at least 7-10lbs to get off lol
  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
    we didn't get alot for eachother as wedding coming up and broke, but we did have a great surprise and got a new NEPHEW for christmas . 8.03pm on christmas eve h2b sister has a son !!!!!!!! going to see him friday !!

    we spent christmas eve with h2b mum, christmas day just us (me,h2b and son) at home and then boxing day with my mum and dad, brilliant but ate soooooooo much chocolate !!!

  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    I can't believe how well we have all done!

    Angel4 - I have tried to email you again. Did it work. I emailed someone else on her yesterday in the same way and she got the email as she emailed me back!

    Bents is excellent. I went there before Christmas with my stepmum. There christmas shop was never ending and so many good ideas. We went to some of the christmas decoration classes which were quite fun. Our DJ comes as part of the package from the last drop. Most places we looked at said they prefer you to use their own djs due to all the new laws and insurance things that are in place now are something. It was one less thing for me to worry about - mind you I am now worrying if he will be any good. Going to start looking for flowers very soon!

    Sounds like your weight loss is going well - especially as you said you need new clothes as nothing fits! Well done x
  • Hi ya!

    Merry belated Christmas all!

    Didn't get anything exciting this year. I said to H2B not to get each other much and instead just some extra money into our wedding. I bought him a drill though! He needed one! Also got him a Trivium CD which is currently in my car! He bought me a big bottle of Ghost - Serenity and is taking me out to dinner at some point too!

    We both got loads of money from our parents, my parents also bought me another bottle of the Vera Wang Princess. Got DVD's - Jeremy Clarkson, Metallica and new Jet Li film.

    An obscene amount of chocolate etc etc...

  • H2B and I bought each other bikes!!! We've already been out and about on them loads and it's great fun. He also got me a magnum of Champagne with a romantic personalised and slightly cheesy message, lots of smellies from Space NK - Kiehls, which will be nice to get my skin buff in time for the wedding, monthly facials at my fave salon, DVDs, Cranium board game etc. I also got some fantastic crystal wine and champagne glasses from my mum, a gorgeous cashmere sweater, a sexy(!) silk nightdress and gown from MIL and FIL2B. We also got some good vouchers for the High St, House of Fraser and Selfridges so we are looking forward to spending those. Happy New Year everyone! Vic xx
  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    Fortunately rellies for once listened to our requests & we've got about 400 quid in vouchers and 175 pounds in cash. Yay!!

    We're hitting Bluewater today & hope to get a video camera for the honeymoon & maybe a new digital camera as well in the sales. Also have our eye on the luggage in M & S as we'd like matching cases for our honeymoon too!

    H2B got me the Gordon Ramsey cookery book for Xmas so hope to buy a food processor (cheap one!) and one of those heavy based casserole dishes as well.

    Also got obligatory smellies & chocolates, tickets to see Les Miserables tonight in London, CD and books.

    I was feeling very lucky until I read your post LyndseyC!!! A car!! Wow!

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