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cats!!! Help please!

Hi there, now i know this isnt wedding related but wondered if anyone could give me some advice please. H2b and I have been cleaning out and packing up the shed as we are moving house, and my cat has weed all over loads of stuff. Mostly boxes ready for packing so they have been thrown out, but he has done it on a very special badminton bag that was out well out of the way and covered. Its not new, about 16yrs old, but has huge sentimental value as it was given to me by my late grandpa and i am really upset about it. H2b has tried to wash off the smell but it hasnt really helped. Any ideas of how to get rid of the smell and salvage my bag??????? image


  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358
    Bless you!

    You can get specialist cleaning stuff at pet stores for sofas, carpets etc. Even when you've washed it you will think it stinks, but it will go away with time.

    Tell me about it, it's the worse smell in the world and gets right up your nostrils. My cat once had a party in our house and cats sprayed all over YUCK!!! The cat flap has been locked ever since.


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  • Simple Solution you can buy it from Pets at home should hopefully get the smell off failing that try some white spirit ..

    Poor you it is not the best of smells
  • Hi,

    I can't help sorry but just to repeat what Weddingbliss said, it will go away in time but it has to be the worst smell ever! My female cat attracted a male who decided he would come into my kitchen and spray his scent all over the place, I spent loads of money trying to get rid but I could still smell it! It just faded after a while.

    cb x
  • lydiavnlydiavn Posts: 426

    Sometimes biological washing powder can help get the worst out, then if it wouldn't damage the bag, surgical spirit. Alternatively there are shop bought, products, such as the ones in pet shops or vets.

    The biological enzymes digest the protiens and the alcohol lifts the rest. Do it asap b4 it dries if poss.Hope it helps, and good luck!

    Lidi x
  • Quoted:

    Tell me about it, it's the worse smell in the world and gets right up your nostrils. My cat once had a party in our house

    you see now I have an image of a load of moggies snorting catnip or passed out around the litter tray in pools of their own vomit and drinking out of the toilet and all sleeping together in one big pile. . .

    or was it just me that went to those kind of parties?

  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    I sympathise, as somebody with a nervous cat who pees all over all sorts of stuff when he gets anxious....

    would imersing the bag in water hurt it (ie what's it made out of). when ours did h2b's rucksack I soaked it in the bath with soap flakes for a day (keeping a close eye on it because of the leather bits - didn't want to just go away and leave it).

    might work.
  • Sorry i meant Surgical spirit not white spirit whoops image Hic, Hic!..

    Tuppence i know a cat behaviour person who might be able to help you out if you are interested i have a really nervous kitty too and she has given me a few tips and helped out !?
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